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Filene’s Basement to double Upper West Side store size … and more

February 02, 2010 08:18AM

1. Panel recommends opening stairwells in all city buildings to help New Yorkers lose weight [Post]
2. Hearst reportedly in talks to launch new HGTV shelter mag [NY Mag]
3. New distressed investment company Gaia buys Vision Property Management [Crain’s]
4. Three shuttering Queens high schools to be replaced with specialty schools [NYDN]
5. Stuy Town a middle class “oasis” in Manhattan [NY Mag]

6. Filene’s Basement to double Upper West Side store size [Post, 2nd item]
7. Six Manhattan nabes with near-bottom prices [NY Mag]

8. LTC Properties buys up multiple assisted-living and nursing home properties [WSJ]

9. Morgan Stanley to go on trader hiring spree to keep up with Wall Street rivals [Financial Times]
10. City has finished data-gathering in experimental Broadway pedestrian plazas but announces no permanent decision [NYT]
11. D.R. Horton posts $192M quarterly profit, its first since 2007 [Bloomberg]

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