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Speaker Quinn split in Chelsea Market expansion

March 13, 2012 11:30AM

From left: Christine Quinn and a rendering of the Chelsea Market expansion

Plans for the Chelsea Market expansion have pitted New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is also a mayoral aspirant, into choosing who to please: constituents in her district or the business community, DNAinfo reported.

If she wants to win the mayoral race next year, DNAinfo said, then she’ll have to strike a balance between two sides: the business community who supports Jamestown Properties’ upward expansion of Chelsea Market, which will add nine floors of office space and a 90,000-square-foot hotel on Ninth Avenue, and her constituents who oppose the plan.

However, taking this side could harm Quinn’s reputation in the Chelsea district she represents in the City Council.

“This is going to be Chris the councilor versus Quinn the mayor,” an anonymous source told DNAinfo. “I’m afraid that Quinn the mayor is going to win out on this one.”

A community petition against development that began circulating in February has gained over 1,000 signatures. Two months before, Jamestown unveiled a plan to decrease the planned height of the expansion. [DNAinfo] 

  • nicknchelsea

    Hello – Real Deal Spin Machine.
    The DNA piece said: “But she has to balance huge neighborhood opposition with wide-spread support among the business community — a sector Quinn must woo if she wants to become mayor next year”,

    it did not say:
    “If she wants to win the mayoral race next year, DNAinfo wrote, then she’ll have to take sides with the business community who supports Jamestown Properties’ upward expansion of Chelsea Market,” See the difference? The first says : “she will have to balance” and the Real Deal interpretation says “she will have to take side with”. “Balance” is not necessarily the same as “take sides with”. “Balance” is equally in the middle between two opposing forces. That is why it is called “balance”.

    • ZacharyKussin/TRD

      Hello–thank you for your comment. That was my mistake, and I thank you for pointing out the error. I’ve amended the language in an update just made to the post.

  • nicknchelsea

    Thanks a lot! It speaks very well of “The Real Deal” that you changed that and wrote this comment.

  • nicknchelsea

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hog all the comment space on the one point, but regarding your correction, I just don’t see how you can say that DNA was saying, that if she want to be elected mayor “then she’ll have to be in favor of the business community who supports Jamestown Properties”, Her constituents in her council district don’t want this. What DNA was saying was that she will have to make a decision between the two, NOT that she will have to side with the Jamestown Expansion and those interests who support it, if she wants to be elected mayor.

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