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Central Bronx nabe faces rezoning

July 19, 2010 02:30PM

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Carol Samol

A 75-block segment of the Central Bronx could face a broad rezoning
plan, aimed at revitalizing the area’s lackluster commercial and retail
activity, according to NY1. The proposed region, which runs along
Tremont and Third avenues, has seen massive vacancies, local experts
say. By rezoning the neighborhood, allowing for mixed-use development
and increased residential development, the problem could be solved,
according to Carol Samol, the Bronx director for the Department of City
Planning. “The goal is to revive [the area], to attract affordable
housing, create jobs and improve the services here in the heart of the
Bronx,” Samol said. “The zoning is outmoded and needs to be updated to
meet today’s needs.” [NY1]

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