The Real Deal New York

Changes to state rules would bring greater transparency in real estate advertising

March 14, 2013 10:00AM
By Tom Acitelli

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From the March issue: New York State is getting closer to finally overhauling the rules for advertising in the real estate industry — a move that would change the way brokers use social media and even what brokers can name their own teams. Sources close to the 14-member New York State Board of Real Estate, the government oversight committee debating the rules, say new regulations could be adopted as soon as March 14, when the group next convenes. If that happens, the changes would go into effect around mid-June, marking the biggest regulatory shakeup in real estate advertising in 19 years. [more]

  • Hannah

    NY State needs to rid itself of the deceptive “on or about” closing date for RE transactions, allowing banks, lawyers et al to dawdle for 30 more days.
    This concept is not sufficiently explained to consumers, agents do not include it in their calculations. Result: major drama of missed deadlines, extra costs for hotels, storage facilities, lost opportunities for moving families. Your board apparently just went through a rewrite of rules, but this state law needs to be eliminated ASAP.