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  • From left: Audrey Matlock, the exterior of 57 Irving Place and an interior rendering

    The shiny glass building at 57 Irving Place topped out as long ago as 2009, and it was well on its way to being fully clad not long afterwards. But the finishing touches were only recently applied, which is why this seems like a fine moment to take its measure.

    Designed by Audrey Matlock, this building was developed by Madison Equities, which pioneered the Galleria at 117 East 57th Street a generation ago and, more recently, the Chelsea Modern at 447 West 18th Street. Like 57 Irving Place, Chelsea Modern was designed by Matlock. The latter building is a far bolder structure than the one on Irving Place. It consists of four undulating strips in two tones of blue that buckle and clash across the surface of the building. This aggressive, classic style of design can also be seen in the architect’s work for the New York Aquarium. [more]


  • An unsuspecting pedestrian might well believe, as he walked down 18th
    Street between 9th and 10th avenues, that 459 and 447 West 18th Street
    is comprised of one building. To the west this composite reads as a
    sturdy affair of masonry and metal cladding and to the east, a stunning
    glass curtain wall in various shades of blue. On closer
    inspection, however, it becomes clear that these are two entirely
    different developments. Surely the recently completed buildings are
    jarringly divergent from a stylistic perspective, but that very
    incongruity is so much a part of contemporary taste that it looks, in
    the present instance, like a daring post-modern conceit. more

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    459 West 18th Street (left) and Chelsea Modern