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  • James Lomma Azure

    The Azure crane collapse (inset: James Lomma)

    Crane mogul James Lomma’s equipment won’t be hoisting or rigging anything any time soon.

    A Queens judge slapped down the New York Crane and Equipment Corporation owner’s attempt to force the Department of Buildings to renew his hoisting-machine operator and master-rigger licenses.

    Justice Allan Weiss said that Lomma had “demonstrated poor moral character.” [more]

  • From left: James Lomma and Susan Karten

    From left: James Lomma and Susan Karten

    Found liable for the 2008 crane collapse that left two construction workers dead, a Manhattan jury ordered crane magnate James Lomma to pay an additional $48 million to the victims’ families, bringing the total payout to $96 million.

    Susan Karten, the lawyer for Ramadan Kurtaj, one of the victims of the Azure condiminium accident, called the judgment, “a much needed message to both Mr. Lomma and the construction industry at large.”  [more]

  • Azure crane collapse and James Lomma

    Azure crane collapse and James Lomma

    The families of two construction workers killed in the Azure crane collapse in 2008 were awarded $48 million in damages.

    Donald Leo and Ramadan Kurtaj died in May of that year at the site of the Azure Condominium at 33 East 91st Street when the 200-foot-tall crane, owned by James Lomma, snapped and fell to the ground. A Manhattan Supreme Court jury this week found Lomma 61 percent liable after attorneys for the victims’ families argued that faulty crane equipment and Lomma’s “greed” contributed to the fatal accident. [more]

  • azure2.jpg

    Azure crane collapse and James Lomma

    A Manhattan judge declared a mistrial in a civil case brought against James Lomma by the families of two men who died in a crane collapse in May 2008.

    An attorney for Lomma sought a mistrial Wednesday because Lomma would be unable to attend the trial while he recovered from injuries sustained in a car accident. State Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez said proceeding without Lomma present violated his constitutional rights, the AP reported. [more]

  • New York Crane owner James Lomma (credit: Shayna Jacobs for DNAinfo)

    New York Crane owner James Lomma (credit: Shayna Jacobs for DNAinfo)

    The owner of the crane that collapsed at the Azure Condominium on the Upper East Side in 2008, killing two people, is seeking a mistrial in a civil case brought by victims.

    On Wednesday, a lawyer for James Lomma said  his client was unable to appear in court due to severe injuries suffered in a recent car accident. The attorney, Glenn Fuerth, said Lomma needs eight to 12 weeks to recover, the New York Post reported. [more]

  • From left: Crane owner James Lomma and the Azure at 333 East 91st Street

    [Updated at 1:42 p.m. with comments and details from the courtroom] In a move that caught many by surprise, the owner of a crane that collapsed at an Upper East Side condominium in 2008 killing two people was acquitted of all the charges against him today, including manslaughter.

    James Lomma was found not guilty of six counts by Judge Daniel Coviser in a packed courtroom in Lower Manhattan, bringing an end to a high-profile and emotionally fraught two-month criminal trial. [more]

  • Michael Sackaris, the head of Nu-Way Crane company charged with bribing New York City’s top crane inspector over the course of 14 years, will plead guilty today, according to his attorney. Sackaris allegedly paid inspector James Delayo more than $10,000 in exchange for falsified inspection filings and licenses for inadequately trained crane operators, according to the New York Daily News. Delayo pleaded guilty in March on bribery charges. Sackaris could spend between two and six years behind bars for second-degree bribery. Both men were arrested in 2008, following an investigation of the deadly Azure condominium crane collapse at 333 East 91st Street and the one at 303 East 51st Street. [NYDN]


  • As construction and concrete testing companies and their executives increasingly come under fire in the city, one concrete testing company has received a bit of good news. A State Supreme Court judge ordered the city Department of Buildings to grant a hearing to a Whitestone-based concrete testing company that was denied one after applying to renew its license to operate in New York. The firm, Big Apple Testing, filed suit in January after DOB refused to reinstate its license, claiming the firm previously continued to operate after its license had expired Sept. 15, 2008.
    Judge Alice Schlesinger denied a request by the firm to have its license automatically reinstated, but said DOB must give the firm an opportunity to present its case in a face-to-face meeting. “I find that the allegations [against Big Apple], at least in part, appear to be of a rather technical nature and do not appear to smack of fraud or unsafe practices,” Schlesinger wrote in her March 1 opinion, released on March 4. “As was pointed out in the petition, BAT has been conducting business pursuant to a license renewal since 1992, a period of 17 years, apparently without event except for license renewals occasionally filed for [sic] late but always granted.” … [more]