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  • Robert Henessy and a typical DashLocker setup

    Only in New York City, it seems, is the process of picking up a load of clean laundry or dry cleaning as hassle-prone as mowing the lawn or raking leaves in a more suburban locale. Indeed, one “Sex and the City” episode made the struggle to get to the cleaners a central plot device, with a harried Carrie Bradshaw running through muddy streets, dodging errant taxi cabs to pick up a sweater in time. Enter DashLocker, a start-up formed last year by ex-banker Robert Hennessy, which operates four retail stations in Manhattan and is planning to expand to a host of apartment buildings within the next year.

  • From left: DashLocker's Second Avenue location and the lockers inside the store

    Though the options for dry cleaning and laundry services on the Upper East Side can seem limitless, the hours of these services operation are typically quite limited. But an entrepreneur is bringing a 24-hour cleaning service to retail storefronts in the neighborhood, the Wall Street Journal reported, and is in talks with landlords to bring the service to residential buildings, gyms and parking garages. [more]