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  • Going forward, broad economic indicators may determine the health of the real estate market in New York City, The Real Deal‘s Jill Gardiner told My Fox NY in a recent segment. Unemployment will impact the market more so than any other factor, she said, though on the opposite end of the spectrum, big bonuses on Wall Street will also play a role. “If you’re just an average buyer on the market, even if you’re not getting a huge bonus, they still have an impact on you because they trickle through the market and they spark activity,” Gardiner said. Meanwhile, foreign interest in the city — particularly in Manhattan trophy properties — is at a near fever pitch, according to Edward Mermelstein, a real estate attorney who represents foreign investors. He said he believes retail prices have further to fall before they can begin to recover.


  • The Real Deal’s Deputy Editor Jill Gardiner appeared on Fox Business Friday to discuss the unfinished towers dotting New York City, a topic covered by reporter Sarah Ryley in the June issue of The Real Deal. Gardiner discussed the two problems driving the ghost tower phenomenon: lack of final construction financing and the disappearance of buyers for new condos. It’s also difficult for buyers to get mortgages, Gardiner said, in under construction buildings. … [more]