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  • The three "MDLNY" brokers at the Andaz Wall Street event (Credit: Bravo Media/Eugene Gologursky)

    From left: Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz and Ryan Serhant of “Million Dollar Listing New York” (Credit: Bravo Media/Eugene Gologursky)

    For better or worse, reality TV is now a staple of the television industry. The real estate business in New York City has not escaped the trend, with series like “Selling New York” and “Million Dollar Listing New York” running regularly on major cable networks. “Million Dollar Listing” in particular has garnered large ratings, a devoted following and an Emmy nomination. While that’s good news for Bravo, which airs the show, industry insiders are divided over reality TV’s impact on the New York real estate business. [more]

  • goodbye1

    In Episode 11, which wraps up season number three of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” we realize just how far our three hombres have come. They’ve all grown as businessmen, but more important, they’ve grown as men. All have reached selling records in the last season, have broadened their personal lives and, ultimately, progressed as people. [more]

  • new_lets-make-a-deal

    Episode 10 of “Million Dollar Listing New York” is all about choices — those we are free to make and those that are forced upon us. Real estate is about compromise in every sense; sellers compromise on price as do buyers. But it is even more than that. [more]

  • nerds

    Savvy watchers of the show realize that real estate (like love) is a numbers game. And in Episode 8 of “Million Dollar Listing NY,” we see such complex equations at work in both love and property sales that we realize math is indeed very hard. But in the end, the solution set equals high kicks + happy faces.

    Here’s why your mom told you to do your math homework: [more]

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  • web_shakesp

    We’ve all been there: waiting for something we desire but not knowing if it will actually come to fruition. Wayward lovers – as well as wayward apartment offers — can leave us reeling with an overwhelming sense of longing and potential loss. In reality, waiting is universal, and life itself is a sort of a waiting game. And in those moments of biding one’s time — like waiting for this damn episode of “Million Dollar Listing New York” — our thoughts can get away from us. It is during these periods of forced distraction that we are sometimes inspired. [more]

  • From left: Heather Stein, Suzan Kramer, Lisa Larson and Judith Oston

    From left: Heather Stein, Suzan Kramer, Lisa Larson and Judith Oston at REBNY’s Deal of the Year awards (Credit: Gotham Photo Company)

    Manhattan’s top dealmakers, dressed in their finest furs and dapperest suits, poured into the Pierre Hotel last night via an elaborately muraled rotunda for the 25th annual residential Deal of the Year awards hosted by the Real Estate Board of New York. Check out the story and slideshow after the jump.

  • From left: a TRD ad from Keller Williams NYC, the cast of "Million Dollar Listing New York"

    From left: a Keller Williams NYC ad published in TRD, the cast of “Million Dollar Listing New York”

    Luis Ortiz, a star of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” has been shown the door at Keller Williams NYC, shortly after the show’s second season finale aired — and it seems the news came as a surprise to the broker. [more]

  • From left: Fredrik Eklund, Dottie Herman and Luis Ortiz

    From left: Fredrik Eklund, Dottie Herman and Luis Ortiz

    As the second season of Bravo TV’s broker battle reality show “Million Dollar Listing New York” came to a close yesterday, the stars of the series — and of New York City’s real estate industry — gathered at the General, a club at 199 Bowery, to toast their fellow cast member Fredrik Eklund. [more]

  • 27 Downing Street and Luis Ortiz

    27 Downing Street and Luis Ortiz

    Luis D. Ortiz, the Keller Williams NYC broker and star of Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing New York,” is under investigation for doctoring listing photos of a Greenwich Village townhouse, the New York Post reported.

    On an episode of the popular reality show that aired in May, Ortiz was shown Photoshopping hardwood floors, marble countertops, a new oven and bookshelves into promotional pictures of the home, on the market for $7.4 million. [more]

  • Ryan Serhant, Fredrik Eklund and Luis D. Ortiz

    On “Million Dollar Listing New York” — the second season of Bravo TV’s reality show premiered last night — the properties usually take a back seat to the personalities. Indeed, the time between filming and airing often means the homes have been sold, or pulled from the market, before viewers even see them. [more]

  • From left: Luis Ortiz, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund

    Luis D. Ortiz, who recently joined Keller Williams NYC after 18 months at Synergy NYC, is the newest addition to the cast of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” sources said. The real estate-themed Bravo show catapulted Elliman brokers Fredrik Eklund and Michael Lorber and Nestseekers’ Ryan Serhant to fame last year.

    Sources spotted Ortiz filming early scenes for season two of the hit show on Wall Street. It was not immediately clear if he is the only new broker joining the show. [more]


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