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  • Remembering Soho

    October 04, 2015 01:00PM
    Fanelli’s has been serving food and drink since the mid-1800s

    Fanelli’s has been serving food and drink since the mid-1800s

    From Luxury Listing NYC: In Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past,” a memory of the author’s childhood comes rushing back to him when he dunks a cake into a cup of tea. The smell and taste trigger an intense reminiscence of an earlier time.

    For those whose childhoods are linked to New York City, where the passage of time has brought enormous change, could a Manhattan neighborhood of old have a distinct smell, an essence that defines it, strong enough to evoke memories of the past? For one lifelong Soho resident, the answer is yes and artifacts from the neighborhood’s “dirty golden years” are her madeleines. [more]

  • intro8

    A home on Mars

    From Luxury Listings NYC: Now that we know that there’s flowing water on Mars, it’s time to start house-hunting! That’s the challenge NASA posed at the 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge Design Competition. The competition asked architects to design a home for astronauts (or us!) that could be made on Mars using a 3-D printer. 165 entries were submitted, and the winners were the New York-based groups, Space Exploration Architecture and Clouds Architecture Office, which won a $25,000 prize. [more]

  • Libraries of Instagram

    Libraries of Instagram

    From Luxury Listings NYC: When it’s raining, the only thing you want to do is put on a thick wool sweater, brew a pot of tea and snuggle up reading a page-turning bestseller. And wouldn’t it be glorious to do that in one of these beautiful spaces? [more]

  • Ice from a Norwegian glacier and the Bulgari Vault

    Ice from a Norwegian glacier and the Bulgari Vault

    1. If you have a paranoid businessman in your life, we present to you the Bulgari Vault, which stores all of your data in a military bunker in Switzerland.

    2.  It’s a wrap: This week’s celebrity home swaps.

    3. A controversial company hopes to drop 1,000-year-old ice cubes, helicoptered out of a Norwegian glacier, into your cocktail.

  • amy-fine-collins-house-tour-10

    From Luxury Listings NYC: A tiny space in the Village, actress Julie White shows off her very large, very pretty “cottage” and the founder of the shoe brand Tom’s: LLNYC rounds up the best home profiles off the week. [more]

  • Space whisky and a Manhattan terrace

    Space whisky and a Manhattan terrace

    1. Ballantine’s and the Open Space Agency have pioneered a glass specifically for drinking fine scotch in space.

    2. Owning one of these terraces is guaranteed to win you some friends (and a few jealous enemies).

    3. The Danish chef behind one of the world’s most lauded restaurants finally owns his dream home.

  • Caribbean beachfront

    From the best high-end vacation homes on the market in South Florida and the Caribbean to the best gifts for all the people on your list – ex-father-in-law or Pure Barr instructor — Luxury Listings NYC’s November/December issue has the luxe life covered.

    Also in the issue is a profile of actress Michele Hicks, who opens her newly renovated East Village pad to LLNYC and lets us in on her new show, “Public Morals.” On the other side of town, Victoria’s Secret model and flower business owner Frederique van der Wal takes us on a tour of Manhattan’s secret gardens.

    Luxury Listings NYC follows the deal, the steals, the openings and closings, the trends in home design and the trending boldfaced names that call New York home.

    So, click here to start your subscription to LLNYC and enjoy the best coverage of New York’s luxury lifestyle.

    For editorial inquiries, email To learn more about marketing opportunities, email Junaid Zahid at — LLNYC

  • asdfasdf

    Tamir Sapir’s 60,000 square foot mansion in Kings Point, Long Island

    From Luxury Listings NYC: When Marie Antoinette felt homesick in Versailles, she decided to build herself a mini Austrian village to remind her of all the people she used to oppress back in her own country. [more]

  • Screen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-4.31.00-PM

    Guests at Olivia Palermo’s summer luncheon at the REVOLVE Hamptons House in Sagaponack

    1. Intrepid drinkers can now get their last taste of summer — in the form of lobster-infused beer-– for a mere $30 a bottle.

    2. Party themes included polo, cartoons and Israel last week. Check out the pics here.

    3. The culinary Doogie Howser — also known as 16-year-old “chef” Flynn McGarry — is opening a pop-up eatery in the West Village. 

  • 768 Fifth Avenue

    768 Fifth Avenue

    From Luxury Listings NYC: Buying an apartment in New York is hard enough — furnishing it can be a nightmare. So we’ve compiled the best of the furnished apartments that are available for purchase right now (hint: There aren’t that many). Almost all of them are in hotels, which means that they provide access to all the amenities you can possibly ever wish for. You’ll never need to step outside again! [more]


  • A still from the 2002 film "Panic Room"

    A still from the 2002 film “Panic Room”

    From Luxury Listings NYC: The latest modern amenity sweeping Gotham is the “Safe Room.” Homeowners want to not only lock themselves away from external dangers that pose a threat to them, but want the option to lock everyone and everything out at the flip of a switch. [more]

  • Where have all the galleries gone?

    August 29, 2015 01:00PM
    A map of NYC's art galleries

    A map of NYC’s art galleries

    From Luxury Listings NYC: Chelsea is the center of the art world in New York, right? Well almost. According to data from NYC Open Data, the zip code with the largest number of art galleries is — surprise — 10021, or the area from roughly 69th to 76th street on the Upper East Side. [more]

  • Nicole Miller and

    Upcoming LLNYC cover star Nicole Miller and the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week in Australia

    1.  Food will meet art at Sotheby’s this fall. Upcoming LLNYC cover star, Nicole Miller, is co-hosting “The Art of Food,” where Upper East Side chefs prepare art-inspired avant-garde meals. Be there.

    2. Forty-year-olds, who never got over their sweet 16, are dropping six figures on embarrassing parties. Luckily Bravo is there to capture all the cringe-inducing excess.

    3. Billionaires gathered in Australia to race yachts, and consume 106,000 beers, six tons of beef, 3,000 sausage rolls, 3,000 bottles of mostly vintage champagne, 12,000 boxes of strawberries, a small volcano of in-season Tasmanian truffles and … one apple.


  • A coffin and a fashion event and Skylight Clarkson Sq

    A coffin and a fashion event and Skylight Clarkson Square

    1. Concerned about Wall Street? Richard Kirshenbaum, LLNYC’s favorite critic/ad mogul/member of high society, has some advice: invest in a Chanel bag.

    2. You may not be able to live like John Lennon, but for tens of thousands of dollars you can die like him at the Frank Campbell Funeral Home.

    3. IMG is adding yet another new venue to Fashion Week, this one dubbed “NYFW HQ.”

  • Luxe life

    August 23, 2015 04:00PM
    A ceramic vase, the Van Dyke love seat from Zachary A.  and Chopard’s latest Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jacky Ickx Edition

    A ceramic vase, the Van Dyke love seat from Zachary A. and Chopard’s latest Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jacky Ickx Edition

    From Luxury Listings NYC: A ceramic vase imprinted with lace; indoor garden walls; and a Van Dyke love seat from Zachary A. that “looks solid enough for Fred and Wilma Flintstone” are just a few of the super luxe items featured in this issue of LLNYC. Check out the full list after the jump. [more] 

  • Nicole Miller at home in Tribeca

    Nicole Miller at home in Tribeca

    Nicole Miller has been a fixture on the fashion scene for more than three decades. Heading into another fall New York Fashion Week, she opens her Tribeca apartment to Luxury Listings NYC — and opens up on her inspirations for her designs and home decor. [more]

  • 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111

    A new app helps you build and outfit out of oddball clothes, and a 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111

    1. Not sure what to do with that silk Rag & Bone camisole you bought for $395? Well, you’re in luck. There’s a new app for that particular conundrum all impulse shoppers face.
    2. In the luxury rat race, even your toothbrush is getting a high-end makeover.
    3. There is only one drivable 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111 left, and it’s asking a whopping $1 million.

  • George W. Bush cruised around the Hamptons in a boat previously owned by Brigitte Bardot.

    George W. Bush cruised around the Hamptons in a boat previously owned by Brigitte Bardot.

    From Luxury Listings NYC: All the most important news in everyone’s favorite weekend destination. [more]

  • Stuart Elliot

    Stuart Elliot

    From Luxury Listings NYC: The Upper East Side is having a moment. The recent arrival of the new book, “Primates of Park Avenue” and the Bravo show, “Odd Mom Out,” paint a picture of the monied denizens of that neighborhood, particularly the mommies, and their over-the-top rituals which involve Botox, billionaires, Birkin bags, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, bad birthdays and bone broth, not necessarily in that order (see “Urban Jungle” for an explanation of those last two and a review of the book by reporter Isabel Schwab). [more]

  • mr-fongs-restaurant-new-york-city1

    From left: Mr. Fong’s in Two Bridges and the world’s priciest restaurant

    1. Hamilton, makeup and Peter Pan: A look at all the parties you should have attended last week.
    2. Apparently, Two Bridges has one of NYC’s trendiest party spots.
    3. And why the most expensive restaurant in the world makes us nauseous.