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  • 20150514_ObitTinaFredericks

    Tina Fredericks

    “I think I just sold a house over the weekend which was a tiny little house in a great location on the ocean, but it wasn’t cheap. It was about $1.5 million-plus,” Tina Fredericks, owner of Tina Fredericks Real Estate in East Hampton, told The Real Deal.

    “It was the worst house in the best location. It looks pretty much like a shack. It has not been kept up well at all. It’s a tiny little box which has two bedrooms and one bathroom and a living room, but it is smack on the ocean with a patio toward the ocean.” Read the full story from the November 2006 issue here. 

  • Minimalism in Montauk

    August 22, 2015 04:00PM

    “Montauk House” and British architect John Pawson

    More minimalism has arrived in Montauk. And while many so-called “minimalist” homes end up looking cheap, this design by British architect John Pawson is about as good as it gets. [more]

  • Surf Lodge

    Surf Lodge

    First they tried to restrict helicopters. Then they banned Uber. Now, the town of East Hampton is going to war with Montauk revelers — by banning parking near celebrity party hub, Surf Lodge. … [more]

  • Panoramic View Resort and Residence in Montauk

    Panoramic View Resort and Residence in Montauk

    It reads like the plot of a movie.

    Two brothers-in-law who schemed investors out of $96 million in order to acquire a beachfront property — by the name of the Panoramic View — in the Hamptons. Turns out that the hero of this story might just be the soaring values of real estate in the area. [more]

  • fimgres

    Mick Jagger, Catherine Deneuve and Andy Warhol in Montauk and the Montauk estate

    From Luxury Listings NYC: Looking for a place to hide from the throngs of hipsters in Montauk? A storied estate has hit the market that will put a comfortable 30-acre buffer between yourself and them. Named Eothen, the property was formerly owned by Andy Warhol and filmmaker Paul Morrissey is now listed for the incredible price of $85 million. [more]

  • A Robert AM Stern-designed home in Montauk

    A Robert AM Stern-designed home in Montauk

    A Robert A.M. Stern-designed house in Montauk has sat on the market for roughly two years. Now, it has sold for roughly its $8.2 million asking price. [more]

  • East Deck Motel and Resort in Montauk

    East Deck Motel and Resort in Montauk

    After selling to a group of investors for $14 million in 2013, Montauk’s East Deck Motel and Resort is back on the market asking $25 million. [more]

  • my montaukFrom the October issue: Cushman & Wakefield’s Bruce Mosler has a reputation for reeling in the big fish when it comes to real estate clients. But he’s also reeled in his share of actual fish off Long Island.

    Now he’s turned his experience and time on the high seas into a photography book, “My Montauk.” [more]

  • East Deck Motel in Montauk in 1988

    Montauk’s East Deck Motel in 1988

    A group of surfers is trying to preserve a former Montauk surf haven. Over the weekend, about 100 surfers held a peaceful protest — a “paddle out” — to try to save 1950s surfer stronghold East Deck Motel. [more]

  • Montauk trailer asks $1M

    August 30, 2014 02:00PM
    Montauk Shores and a mobile home asking $1M

    Montauk Shores and a mobile home asking $1M

    A trailer in Montauk Shores, a mobile home park that’s about as far east on the East End of Long Island as you can get, has hit the market asking $1 million. [more]

  • Montauk

    Montauk is the Empire State’s most expensive place to stay this summer

    Everyone knows that hotels are expensive in Manhattan, but Montauk? [more]

  • Airbnb mayhem in Montauk

    July 27, 2014 04:00PM
    Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk

    Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk

    WEEKENDEDITION Yet another Airbnb horror story is playing out in Montauk, where renters  terrorized neighbors with massive parties and outdoor sex.

    When John Templeman, a lawyer, rented out his four-bedroom home on South Federal Street on Airbnb for $1,600 a night while he was out of the country he had no idea what was in store. [more]

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  • Oceanfront homes in the Hamptons

    Oceanfront homes in the Hamptons

    The second quarter of the year was a mixed bag for the Hamptons real estate market. Sales activity jumped from a year ago, but total sales volume slumped and the area’s median sales price lifted only slightly.

    While the number of homes sold in all markets jumped 5 percent, total home sales volume fell 12 percent to $782.7 million from $890.1 million, according to a report from Hamptons brokerage Town & Country. [more]

  • Panoramic View Resort & Residences in Montauk and Adam Manson (inset)

    Panoramic View Resort & Residences in Montauk and Adam Manson (inset)

    Long Island real estate manager Adam Manson pleaded guilty in a $96 million Ponzi scheme Monday, and will be sentenced to up to five years in prison as part of a plea deal. [more]

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  • panoramic-view

    Panoramic View Resort and Residence in Montauk

    An investment fund manager in Old Westbury, N.Y., pleaded guilty to securities and wire fraud yesterday in a $96 million Ponzi scheme case.

    Brian Callahan is expected to receive up to 20 years in prison at his sentencing, slated for August 8. Last year, he was hit with an indictment for raising more than $118 million from 40 investors over a six-year period. [more]

  • southampton-village

    Southampton Village home asking $650,000 to rent

    Although prices have not soared, Hamptons rentals appear to be heating up. And bargains are scarce, as it is a landlord’s market in the year ahead, according to brokers.

    The eastern section of the Hamptons, including Amagansett and Montauk, has grown increasingly trendy for renters, said Susan Green of Sotheby’s International Realty. [more]

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  • An aerial view of Montauk and Bill O'Reilly

    An aerial view of Montauk and Bill O’Reilly

    Outspoken conservative and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has bought an oceanfront property in Montauk, on Long Island, which was last listed for $8.5 million, and plans to build a mansion on the site. [more]

  • An aerial shot of Napeague

    An aerial shot of Napeague

    Suffolk County is laughing all the way to the bank after a bidding war between two Manhattan financiers brought $120,000 for a foot-wide strip of land that it only wanted 10 bucks for. Marc Helie of Chevalier Investments and Kyle Cruz of Centerbridge Partners both wanted the land because it would give them exclusive right-of-way to their oceanfront properties in the town of Napeague.

    Helie and Cruz each initially bid $1,500 but then kept one-upping the other, raising the price 34 times on the strip, which runs from Montauk Highway to the ocean. Helie eventually prevailed, Newsday reported. [more]

  • 211 Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton

    211 Lily Pond Lane in East Hampton

    Regulators are mulling a bill that would make it harder for East Hampton homeowners to rent out their homes to large groups of unrelated people.

    The bill would require homeowners to disclose a rental, along with the number of bedrooms and square footage of the homes, according to a draft proposal. The hope is that town officials can better enforce rules that restrict the number of unrelated people living in a rented home to four. [more]

  • The Panoramic View resort in Montauk

    The Panoramic View resort in Montauk

    The owners of the Panoramic View Resort & Residences in Montauk have been charged with funneling cash through the waterfront resort property as part of a $100 million Ponzi scheme, Patch reported.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Eastern District office accused Hamptons real estate developer Adam Manson and investment fund manager Brian Callahan with 24 counts related to securities fraud and wire fraud. Both defendants pleaded not guilty. [more]