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  • From left: Barry Zabusky

    From left: Boxer and army captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson, broker Barry Zabusky and 50 Lexington Avenue

    Boxer and army captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson claims his broker cheated him out of $8,000 in a Gramercy Park apartment deal. [more]

  • From left: Lisa Larson, Karla Saladino and Julia Hoagland

    From left: Karla Saladino, Julia Hoagland and Lisa Larson

    From the August issue: Call it a buyer’s security blanket. Frustrated by a lack of inventory on the market in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, and, perhaps, burned by one-too-many losses, some buyers are bidding on apartments that they’re not entirely sure they even want. The idea: Win now, decide later.

    It’s not until an offer is actually accepted that these buyers are taking a good hard look at the fought-over property. At that point, some are deciding that the home is not a good fit for them, while others are getting scared off by the very fact that they’ve won a bidding war and therefore might be overpaying. [more]

  • Real-Estate-Brokers

    From the first showing to the final closing, every apartment sale has a story, and some of them are real jaw-droppers.

    The broker and her clients who received an unexpectedly snooty greeting from a surprise squatter. The luxury co-op client who got indicted for fraud before the deal closed. The real estate attorney with a sideline in kidnapping. The tranquilized dog. (Don’t worry, it’ll all be clear below.) From farce to tragedy, there are a million real estate stories in the naked city, and The Real Deal has collected a few memorable ones. Read the full story from the December 2004 issue after the jump. 

  • From left: Bill Cunningham and Tresa Hall

    From left: Bill Cunningham and Tresa Hall

    Just eight months after being named president of Trump International Realty, Bill Cunningham is returning to the Corcoran Group as the brokerage’s general sales manager, The Real Deal has learned. He will assume leadership responsibilities from Tresa Hall, Corcoran’s longtime director of sales, who is stepping down after 25 years with the brokerage. [more]

  • Sign up for TRD‘s real estate database

    December 11, 2014 01:30PM
    The Real Deal's newly-launched real estate database

    The Real Deal’s newly-launched real estate database

    Those navigating the New York City market will have less hoops to jump through when searching for a real estate professional, thanks to a new directory coming soon from The Real Deal.

    Powered by commercial mortgage brokerage Eastern Union Funding, The Real Deal’s new directory will put the city’s brokers, appraisers, mortgage bankers and other real estate professionals together in one easily accessible database.

    Want your name on the list? Click here to submit your information, and make sure to keep an eye out for when the Eastern Union-powered directory goes live on our site.

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  • Adobe Photoshop

    Digital renovations at work in Adobe Photoshop

    With homeseekers increasingly starting their house hunting online, the temptation to go beyond simply tweaking listing photos might be greater than ever. The question is whether full-scale digital renovations are inherently deceptive. [more]

  • Programs like Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York" are boosting real estate's appeal to 20-somethings

    Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz and Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York”

    The average age of a real estate broker in the U.S. is 56, but in Gotham the profession is skewed toward a younger crowd.

    One Manhattan broker attributed the younger New York crowd to a widespread belief that the real estate business offers youngsters a quick and easy way to make fast money. Some insiders point to the popularity of programs like “Million Dollar Listing New York,” which stars Douglas Elliman brokers Fredrik Eklund and Luis Ortiz along with Nest Seekers International’s Ryan Serhant, as cultural phenomenon promoting the idea that 20-somethings can be wildly successful. [more]

  • A manual with tips for brokers has been revealed

    When is it appropriate for a broker to date a potential tenant? According to a real estate manual from an unnamed brokerage, not until “after we rent them and collect the broker’s fee.”

    The Guardian got its hands on that manual for real estate agents in New York City after it was left in one reporter’s apartment. Other advice includes: always get the client into the office and never show an apartment to a husband without his wife. [more]

  • kolko

    Trulia’s Jed Kolko and Sotheby’s Martine Capdevielle

    Roughly 15 percent of real estate agents in the U.S. said they speak a second language, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. Of those who do in New York City, more speak Spanish, followed by French, Russian, Mandarin and Russian.

    Such language skills, brokers told the Wall Street Journal, can be indispensable in working with an influx of foreign buyers making big all-cash purchases. The ability to sort out technical details in a buyer’s native tongue, they said, can help allay purchasers’ nerves over nailing down a pricey deal. [more]

  • Claudine Arthurs

    Claudine Arthurs

    Not everyone can afford a condo in the built-for-wellness Delos Living building, where more than 50 facets of the structure’s construction and design are engineered to make tenants healthier.  But one New York City broker is aiming to bring an à la carte approach to the trend of mindfulness and the housing market.

    This week, Claudine Arthurs is launching Prana Real Estate, a brokerage that is attempting to integrate life coaching, sustainability and spirituality into the house hunting process. Appropriately, the firm is based out of a yoga studio, Atmananda Yoga, at 67 Irving Place. [more]

  • 20140627_the_thousand

    Top from left: John Burger, Tim Davis, Leonard Steinberg and Susan Breitenbach, Bottom: Carrie Chiang and Janet Wang, Lisa Lippman and Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes

    Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal have released their list of the top real estate sales professionals for 2014, and a number of New York area brokers are among the so-called Thousand. [more]

  • Brokers’ polar vortex plan of attack

    February 07, 2014 02:55PM
    Union Square in the snow

    Union Square in the snow

    Despite winter weather’s tendency to shutter offices and cripple public transit, a few flakes can actually be a boon to well-prepared brokers and sellers. [more]

  • Sellers go solo in tight market

    September 09, 2013 05:58PM

    High demand is enabling homeowners to go it alone and sell properties themselves, if the price is right. But more easily unloadable condominiums are generally more manageable for sellers than co-ops. [more]

  • From the January issue: With the luxury residential market booming, expensive rentals have recently been in higher demand than ever — getting snapped up faster than usual and, in some cases, sparking bidding wars. Manhattan rents were at an all-time high this past year even as Citi Habitats’ third-quarter rental market report, the most recent data available at press time, showed the historic rental highs that occurred between January and August had plateaued during 2012’s third quarter (see related story: Manhattan sales volume perks up). While in the past rentals were considered a less-prestigious (and lower-paying) sector of the brokerage business, six-figure rental deals have changed that, and a number of high-end brokers have found themselves focused on rentals. [more]

  • From the December issue: Foreign interest in New York real estate is at an all-time high, thanks in part to the continuing debt crisis in Europe and growing wealth in countries such as Brazil. But for foreigners, navigating the New York City market alone can be daunting. Instead of going it alone, international buyers often enlist New York brokers with ties to their home countries to help in their search for the perfect property. Brokers say many buyers prefer to work with a professional who speaks their language, knows their customs and understands how business is done both at home and in the U.S. In July, The Real Deal looked at the dos and don’ts of working with some of the most active groups of international buyers. This month, we look at some of the new New York City brokers who have become go-to agents for specific groups from around the globe. [more]

  • Brokering after Sandy

    December 12, 2012 10:00AM

    From the December issue: Hurricane Sandy — the worst storm to hit the Northeast U.S. in decades — sent Manhattan’s residential real estate brokers into a tailspin.

    In addition to lost power, water and heat at home, brokers were inundated with calls and texts from clients seeking to be relocated in the wake of the storm. The disruption in Manhattan pales in comparison, of course, to the devastation in parts of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, where tens of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged.

    But the storm’s effect on the Manhattan real estate market was dramatic nonetheless. [more]

  • Real estate players hit hardest by Sandy

    December 05, 2012 10:00AM

    From the December issue: It’s been more than a month since Superstorm Sandy hit NYC, but the aftermath is far from over. While much of the coverage has (rightfully) centered on the storm victims, this month TRD took a close-up look at how the storm has impacted the real estate industry — from the landlords who were hit hardest to the brokers who’ve found displaced residents new homes to the developers who are most likely to cash in on the rebuilding efforts. See: Surveying the destructionLandlord lossesBrokering after Sandy, and A storm’s silver lining?

  • Robert DiBiase

    One year after top commercial firm Massey Knakal Realty Services paid a $4,000 fine for failing to properly license its Brooklyn and Queens manager, the company has again slipped up in a similar fashion.

    The Midtown-based retail leasing, sales and mortgage brokerage introduced a new hire, Robert DiBiase, to its clients and the public on its website last week, describing him as managing director for the company’s Brooklyn and Queens divisions of the company. However, DiBiase does not have a broker’s license in New York, as is required by state law for a manager who will supervise agents. [more]

  • Nikki Field

    As Asiatic wealth and influence grows throughout New York’s real estate industry, brokers are increasingly mastering Mandarin, according to the New York Times. Nikki Field and Kevin Brown of Sotheby’s International Realty now travel to mainland China four times a year in order to court rich investors looking to store millions in New York properties.

    Chinese buyers are spending large sums of money on exclusive properties like Time Warner Center, 15 Central Park West and One57. [more]

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  • NYC’s best firms to work for

    September 04, 2012 10:30AM

    From the September issue: September marks the official end of summer — even if the thermostat says otherwise. This month, as real estate brokers bid adieu to the beach and return to the office, The Real Deal took a look at what they’ll find when they get there.

    Since most agents are independent contractors (as opposed to employees), their workplace happiness involves different factors than the average worker: For real estate agents, it’s less about salary, more about commission splits; less about vacation time, more about marketing support. [more]