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  • Rabbi Pinto offered plea bargain

    April 24, 2014 11:50PM
    Rabbi Pinto

    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto

    An Israeli prosecutor has offered Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, a spiritual adviser to several New York City real estate power players, a plea bargain that would see him sentenced to prison for one year. [more]

  • From left: Rabbi Pinto, 240 Riverside Boulevard and Ilan Bracha

    From left: Rabbi Pinto, 240 Riverside Boulevard and Ilan Bracha

    The planned home of Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto’s Shuva Israel West Synagogue is now back on the market for $1.75 million. [more]

  • From left: Rabbi Pinto and 122 East 58th Street

    From left: Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto and 122 East 58th Street

    Corigin Real Estate Group, a Manhattan-based private equity firm, filed suit to foreclose on $20 million in loans at 122 East 58th Street, a property owned by Mosdot Shuva Israel, the non-profit organization led by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. [more]

  • Rabbi

    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto

    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the real estate adviser accused of attempting to bribe an Israeli police officer, is leaving house arrest for Israel this weekend as part of the ongoing investigation. [more]

  • Rabbi Pinto

    Rabbi Pinto

    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, a spiritual adviser to many of the New York City real estate industry’s movers and shakers, spoke out for the first time about the money laundering and attempted bribery charges he faces.

    The rabbi spoke with Israel’s 2 News in an exclusive interview. [more]

  • Biton-Pinto-Grimm

    From left, Ofer Biton, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, Congressman Michael Grimm

    A former fundraiser for Representative Michael G. Grimm who helped direct hundreds of thousands of dollars from supporters of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the spiritual leader who counts many of the city’s real estate heavyweights among his followers, to Grimm’s campaign pleaded guilty to visa fraud, the New York Times reported. [more]

  • MAve Hotel

    The MAve Hotel in NoMad has hit the market and could go for about $30 million through a bankruptcy court auction, the New York Post reported.

    The 62 Madison Avenue property, near East 27th Street, was formerly owned by an entity controlled by Livorno Properties principal Ben Zion Suky and Roxy Deli owner Joseph Ben Moha. Marc Magazine of Savills Hospitality is marketing the 12-story, 72-room hotel, which features two penthouse suites, a fitness center and roof access. First-round bids for the boutique hotel are due June 14. [more]

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  • Rabbi Pinto

    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, advisor to a number of high-profile real estate investors, was arrested in Israel in October, as The Real Deal and others have reported. Now, according to Israeli news website News 2, Israeli law enforcement is close to indicting the Rabbi and his wife for attempting to bribe a police officer in addition to money laundering, the charge for which he was previously arrested.

    Pinto reportedly offered $200,000 to Brigadier General Ephraim Bracha, chief of the Police Investigation Division, who was investigating Pinto on suspicion of money laundering. The Rabbi hoped to receive information on the ongoing probe into his affairs, according to a report from Israeli news site Vos Iz Neias. [more]

  • Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto

    From the November issue: Federal investigators have been speaking to investors involved in real estate projects connected to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, who was arrested in Israel for alleged bribery last month. The arrest came amid claims that millions of dollars in real estate investments he’s connected to cannot be accounted for, and that investors may have been threatened by officials close to the spiritual leader.

    Pinto — the head of the New York-based nonprofit organization Mosdot Shuva Israel and an advisor to a number of high-profile New York real estate figures — was placed under house arrest after allegedly trying to bribe an Israeli police officer in order to get information about an alleged money laundering and bribery probe. [more]

  • Rabbi Pinto

    Lawyers for Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto are denying allegations against him following the arrest of the spiritual leader in Israel on Thursday. Pinto and his wife were arrested on suspicion of attempted bribery of a high–ranking police officer in connection with a prior investigation, according to press reports.

    The two were questioned in connection with a money–laundering investigation and released on bail, but have been confined to their home in Israel. New York-based lawyers for Pinto say he has not been formally charged with anything, and proclaim the investigation is part of a wider campaign against the influential religious figure. [more]

  • Rabbi Pinto

    Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto — a spiritual leader with well-established ties to New York’s real estate community — was arrested Thursday in Israel, and is being investigated for money laundering and attempting to bribe law enforcement, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported. His wife, Debora Rivka Pinto, was also arrested, according to the report. The couple has been released, and is on house arrest.

    A lawyer for the Pintos called the allegations “baseless,” Haaretz reported.

    Pinto, 39, is said to be a religious advisor to a bevy of local real estate VIPs. The developer Haim Binstock and the Sapir Organization’s Zina Sapir are reported to be followers of the rabbi, and the developer Ben Zion Suky — named in an Upper East Side  foreclosure suit earlier this year involving Pinto’s wife — is a close aide to Pinto. Other industry figures, such as Douglas Elliman’s Mickey Roth, are reported to have consulted with Pinto on business matters. [more]

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    Rabbi Pinto
    Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, the spiritual advisor to many big names in the city’s real estate industry, and his supporters may finally get an explanation for the repeated stories about his shady financial dealings. The New York Times reported that federal investigators are looking into claims that the rabbi is the victim of an embezzlement and extortion scheme perpetuated by two former congregants who stole money from his congregations in Manhattan and Ashdod, Israel and tried to frame him.

    Pinto has been skewered in the Israeli and American Jewish press. A recent story in Israel newspaper Ha’aretz has records showing Shuva Israel, a network of charities, schools and religious institutions run by the rabbi, has funded the rabbi’s $70,000 stays in the Hamptons mansions and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry purchases. … [more]

  • Civil charges brought against Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto by his father-in-law, Argentine Chief Rabbi Shlomo Ben Hamo, were dropped “to preserve domestic tranquility,” Ha’aretz reported.

    Ben Hamo had accused Pinto of using him in a money laundering scheme, where Ben Hamo opened a bank account under his name for Pinto in Argentina and had to act as the guarantor for a pair of $1.15 million apartments Pinto bought in an upscale Israeli complex. The saga went to court when the developers of the apartments sued Ben Hamo for not paying for Pinto’s apartments. … [more]

  • Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, the Israeli rabbi who’s highly connected in New York City’s real estate world, is in trouble with the law again, according to Haaretz, this time for allegedly exploiting his father-in-law, Argentina’s chief rabbi, to launder money for the purchase of two apartments.

    The Argentinian rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Ben Hamo, is currently being sued by the developers of an upscale Israeli apartment complex for not making good on a contract to purchase a pair of $1.15 million apartments, which he signed as a guarantor. … [more]

  • A state Supreme Court judge last Monday issued a final foreclosure order against a Yorkville apartment building owned by Livorno Properties principals Yossi Zaga and Ben Zion Suky, setting the stage for a courthouse auction.

    The five-story walkup rental building at 501½ East 83rd Street, which a Suky-backed entity called Wall Time Realty acquired in 2006 for $3.5 million, will be scheduled for auction by a court-appointed referee, but a specific date has not yet been set.

    The lender, Glen Cove, N.Y.-based First Central Savings Bank originally filed suit in April 2009 alleging the borrowers failed to make monthly payments of $23,418 between December 2008 and March 2009 at the building, between York and East End avenues. The suit also alleges the borrowers took out a $3.25 million second mortgage in August 2008 with an entity called Express Service Forwarding, without the prior permission of the senior lender. … [more]

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  • From left: Ilan Bracha, Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto and 240 Riverside Boulevard (building photo credit: CityRealty)

    A three-year old plan to convert a 2,700-square-foot retail space into a synagogue at the Heritage at Trump Place may have collapsed, but the parties involved are trying to save it. In May, Bank of America initiated $1.2 million in foreclosure proceedings against a rabbi-to-the-real-estate-stars, a top-selling residential broker and a developer involved in the synagogue plans. According to the complaint, filed May 23, Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, Ilan Bracha, who runs the Manhattan office for Keller Williams Realty, and his partner in development deals at B+B Investment Group, Haim Binstock, defaulted on their loan for a portion of Heritage at Trump Place at 240 Riverside Boulevard at 70th Street.

    “As of May 16, 2011, the principal balance due and owing under the terms of the note was $1,207,694.24,” the filing says. Payments due to BofA have not been made since January, according to the filing. All three men are cited as part of the LLC — Pinto Bracha & Binstock LLC — that is named on the lien, according to city records. But attorneys for Pinto, Bracha and Binstock from the firm Mitofsky Shapiro Neville & Hazen fired back late last month. … [more]

  • href="http://therealdeal.com/newyork/articles/rabbi-pinto-s-followers-including-anthony-weiner-and-lebron-james-are-not-having-a-good-week">src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/trd_three/images/281201/pinto-followers-520.jpg" style="border: 1px solid black;

    alt="alternate text">
    From left: Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, Rep. Anthony Weiner, LeBron James

    Sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner, who is seeking a leave of absence from the House of Representatives after a Twitpic-gone-awry, is apparently a supporter of New York real estate’s favorite kabbalah scholar: Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto. According to the Daily News, Weiner, who lives in Forest Hills, is a regular at Pinto’s classes and gatherings and has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Pinto’s other followers, including developers Zina Sapir and Haim Binstock. On the surface, it might seem as though Weiner could learn a lot from Pinto, who does not meet with women. But then again, the rabbi’s right-hand man, developer Ben Zion Suky, was linked to a bootleg porn video operation earlier this year. Weiner is now being called upon by House Democrats to resign, but even still, some might argue that Weiner isn’t even the Pinto follower having the worst week ever. … [more]

  • Ben Zion Suky, the right-hand man of the real estate community’s influential Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto and a real estate developer himself, is linked to a bootleg porn video operation, according to the Jewish Daily Forward. A decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said Suky, through Direct Distributors of which he was a principal, bought thousands of counterfeit DVDs from a Montreal-based bootlegging operation and sold them out of a storefront on West 36th Street. These legal troubles come on the heels of a recent foreclosure suit against his 37-unit building at 215 East 81st Street. [Forward]

  • alternate text
    Rabbi Pinto, 409 East 58th Street (source: PropertyShark)

    While Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto is revered in many New York City real estate circles for his insights and advice, an article from the Jewish Daily Forward has called into question whether Pinto is as reliable an advisor as he’s believed to be. An investigation by the paper shows that Pinto’s non-profit organization, Mosdot Shuva Israel, is in dire financial straits, and that the rabbi himself may not be adhering to the modest lifestyle he espouses. The Forward found that the Rabbi to the real estate stars’ $6.5 million Manhattan townhouse — which is technically owned by Mosdot Shuva Israel — is currently at risk of falling into foreclosure, and that the non-profit itself hasn’t paid off a $48,000 judgment resulting from its failure to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. … [more]

  • A Brooklyn investor who jumped to his death from his 19th-floor Jumeirah Essex House apartment earlier this month was ensnared in a slew of real estate-related disputes and had a number of questionable business partners, according to the Daily News. While the medical examiner ruled Solomon Obstfeld’s death a suicide, friends are skeptical that the extremely religious, Bobover Hasidic Jew and father of five would have — or could have — killed himself by jumping over a nine-foot wall on his terrace with no chair and no witnesses.

    Suicide is forbidden under Jewish law, and his family has told the community that Obstfeld had a heart attack. At the time of his death, Obstfeld was trying to sell the 3,300-square-foot Essex House home, a combination of three units, for $6.5 million. He was also feuding with Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, a powerful and popular spiritual advisor within the real estate and business community, whose sweetheart lease deal for one of Obstfeld’s other, vacant Essex House units had recently soured. Meanwhile, Obstfeld recently won an ugly legal battle over Prospect Heights’ Hello Living condo project. [NYDN] 



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