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    A frank real estate ad on Craigslist

    WEEKENDEDITION Real estate listings are famous for their hyperbole, but the industry may be getting a little more honest. The trend towards more frank listing language isn’t because brokers have mended their ways; over the top wealth blather just isn’t selling like it used to. [more]

  • Marcel, the star of the Corcoran Group's advertising campaign

    Marcel, the star of the Corcoran Group’s advertising campaign

    Betting on New Yorkers’ inability to resist a cute dog or a great apartment, the Corcoran Group made its latest push to attract online apartment shoppers via video-sharing website YouTube. Read the full story and see the video after the jump.

  • Rutenberg's Kathy Braddock and Warburg's Fred Peters

    Rutenberg’s Kathy Braddock and Warburg’s Fred Peters

    From the June issue: The state of New York just revamped advertising rules for real estate agents, but it may not be able to effectively enforce them, industry sources said. That leaves brokers and firms with the difficult task of monitoring their agents’ email, websites and even Facebook pages.

    The regulations will govern how agents can advertise online, how they handle references to brokerage firms, and even what they can call their teams. For example, a team of agents working together within a firm can no longer be called a “group.” [more]

  • From the March issue: New York State is getting closer to finally overhauling the rules for advertising in the real estate industry — a move that would change the way brokers use social media and even what brokers can name their own teams. Sources close to the 14-member New York State Board of Real Estate, the government oversight committee debating the rules, say new regulations could be adopted as soon as March 14, when the group next convenes. If that happens, the changes would go into effect around mid-June, marking the biggest regulatory shakeup in real estate advertising in 19 years. [more]

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  • Lulu, a French bulldog owned by Corcoran agents Christina Abad and Michael Hearne

    From the January issue: Life is good for Marcel, a French bulldog from Brooklyn — at least according to the new Corcoran Group TV commercial he stars in. In the firm’s first ever TV spot, which began airing last month and already has more than 536,000 views on YouTube, Marcel can be seen browsing high-end apartments on Corcoran’s website, getting a massage and dining out with Lulu, a fellow Frenchie. The commercial, which comes in 30- and 60-second spots, has been airing weekdays from 6 to 9 a.m. on NY1 and Fox, and is being shown in New York taxicabs. Neither of the commercial’s canine stars, however, have formal show-biz training. Instead, both are pets belonging to Corcoran agents, and were recruited through a company-wide casting call. [more] 


  • Marcel the French bulldog looks at listings on Corcoran’s website

    The Corcoran Group aired a first ever live-action television commercial, aimed at promoting the brokerage giant’s recently unveiled website redesign.

    The 30- and 60-second spots follow Marcel, a French bulldog in search of new digs after being booted from his co-op for barking. To aid his search, Marcel uses Corcoran’s new website to browse listings in his price range, find agents and scout neighborhoods. (See video after the jump.)

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