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  • Chinese names cash buyers

    (Source: RealtyTrac)

    A full three-quarters of the top Manhattan cash buyers in the first half of the year had Asian surnames, according to the national market-watcher RealtyTrac. [more]

  • (Credit: RealtyTrac)

    (Credit: RealtyTrac)

    Foreclosures in the U.S. are at a 19-month high, according to the latest RealtyTrac report.

    In the New York City metro area, the rate was up 34 percent year-over-year

    In May, 126,686 properties were foreclosed upon around the country, up 1 percent since April and up 16 percent year-over-year. [more]

  • Rendering of Toll Brothers' Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park (credit: Marvel Architects)

    Rendering of Toll Brothers’ Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park (credit: Marvel Architects)

    New Yorkers’ down payments on their homes are about ten times the national average, according to a new report from RealtyTrac.

    Home prices in New York far exceed the national average of course, but New Yorkers are also paying a higher percentage of the total purchase price upfront. While the national average down payment is $31,723, or just 14 percent of the total purchase price, the average down payment for the New York and New Jersey markets is $347,614, or 37 percent of an average home price of $935,000. In Brooklyn, buyers paid $163,537, or 28 percent, on an average home price of $580,000. [more]

  • bk-affordable

    Daren Blomquist and 45 Montgomery Place in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn is the least affordable housing market in the U.S., according to RealtyTrac data.

    A Brooklynite would need to spend 98 percent of the median income to afford a home there. The median sales price in the borough hit a record $587,515 in the third quarter this year, according to Miller Samuel data. Nearly 70 percent of Brooklyn residents are renters. Brooklyn saw a 6 percent year-over-year climb to $2,858 in median rent, Miller Samuel data showed.  [more]

  • Home flipping tumbles in New York City

    August 08, 2014 03:00PM
    196 Hancock Street sold for $2.1 million in June

    196 Hancock Street sold for $2.1 million in June

    Home flipping in New York City – which bucked a nationwide decline in 2013 – has dropped sharply this year, according to data from RealtyTrac.

    Just 3.66 percent of home sales in the five boroughs were flips during the first quarter, from 12.39 percent in the first quarter of 2013. [more]

  • miller-realtytrac

    From left: Jonathan Miller and Darren Blomquist

    In a report issued last week that generated plenty of headlines, RealtyTrac claimed that 80 percent of Manhattan homes were bought with cash during the last three quarters of the year.

    Now, well-known real estate appraiser Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel has stepped in to the discussion, claiming the RealtyTrac figure is more than a little off. [more]

  • From left: Daren Blomquist and foreclosed home

    From left: Daren Blomquist and foreclosed home

    Experts are attributing a recent dip in residential sales nationwide to a shortage of distressed properties on the market.

    Sales of single-family homes, condominiums and townhouses have fallen for four consecutive months. [more]

  • Luxury flipping is back, according to new numbers from property data company RealtyTrac that shows an increase in the number of “flipped” residences priced above $400,000, despite a slowdown at the end of 2013.  [more]

  • condo-flipping-225

    Home flipping — defined as when a home is purchased and subsequently sold again within six months — was serious business in 2013, according to new data from RealtyTrac. Last year, 156,862 single-family homes were flipped across the country, a year-over-year increase of 16 percent from 2012 and a whopping 114 percent increase from 2011.

    Home flips made up 4.6 percent of all U.S. home sales in last year, up from 4.2 percent in 2012 and 2.6 percent in 2011. Profits on a flip also jumped to an average of $58,051 in gross profit, up from $45,759 in 2012, RealtyTrac data show. [more]

  • U.S. foreclosure filings last year fell to a six-year low with 1.4 million total notices for auctions, defaults and repossessions. [more]

  • AllCashDealAll-cash buyers accounted for a whopping 42 percent of the nearly 500,000 U.S. home purchases in November, according to the latest housing report from RealtyTrac. That figure is the highest seen since RealtyTrac began tracking all-cash purchases in 2011.

    Institutional investors accounted for nearly 40 percent of home buys in November , the RealtyTrac data show, also close to the all-time high of just above 40 percent seen at the end of 2012. [more]

  • kenneth-rosen

    Kenneth Rosen

    U.S. foreclosure filings fell last month to their lowest point since late 2005, according to data from RealtyTrac.

    The number of foreclosure starts across the country dropped to 52,826, a decline of 32 percent from November 2012. More than 113,000 properties were hit with default, auction or repossession notices across the U.S. in November. That is a 15 percent decline month-over-month and the largest monthly drop since 2010. Real estate experts are optimistic that this represents the fading housing crisis in its final gasps. [more]

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  • Arrow-Up

    Though foreclosure activity in the U.S. is down significantly overall, those on the ultra high-end are bucking the trend.

    Foreclosure activity on homes that are $5 million or more is up 61 percent so far in 2013 over the same period last year, compared to a 23 percent drop for properties overall, according to a new report from real estate database RealtyTrac. And while the number of actual $5 million-plus properties in foreclosure is low — fewer than 200 across the country — these homes represent a much bigger potential lending loss than those on median priced homes. [more]

  • NYC sees marked increase in home flips

    October 20, 2013 06:00PM

    The Gretsch at 60 Broadway in Williamsburg, where a unit is asking 37 percent more than its $950,000 purchase price

    While high-end home flipping has slowed nationwide, it is on the rise again in New York City. More than 2,000 single-family homes were flipped, or purchased and resold within six months, in the New York metro area during the third quarter.  [more]

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  • Wichita Falls, Texas

    Wichita Falls, Texas

    For investors looking to get into the real estate market, one factor should be considered above all others: location, location, location. RealtyTrac has combed the country to find 25 “hidden gem” markets — areas that are little-known, aren’t swarming with big institutional investors, and boast sizeable yields. [more]

  • New York State saw 4,027 foreclosure filings in May

    New York State saw 4,027 foreclosure filings in May

    Updated, 12:32 p.m., June 14: Foreclosure filings in New York State increased two percent in May to 4,027, according to a new foreclosure market report from RealtyTrac. The numbers represent a year-over-year increase of 14 percent, but New York foreclosure rates remain at less than half the national average.

    The monthly increase in overall foreclosure activity, according to the report, was caused primarily by a 95 percent spike in scheduled foreclosure auctions. A total of 508 properties statewide were scheduled for foreclosure auction in May, up 21 percent from a year ago and the highest numbers since October 2010. [more]

  • Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac

    Foreclosures across the country dropped to their lowest level in April since 2007, just-released data from RealtyTrac shows.

    Last month, 144,790 properties had foreclosure filings. Non-judicial states such as Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and South Carolina had the highest foreclosure rates, the report said. The foreclosure process does not have to go through the courts in non-judicial states. Florida had the nation’s second-highest foreclosure rate after Nevada, though filings were down sharply since the 2009 peak, said Daren Blomquist of RealtyTrac. [more]

  • Biggest flipping profits (Source: RealtyTrac)

    Orlando is the best market in the U.S. for turning a profit from flipping houses, according to RealtyTrac’s latest foreclosure report. [more]

  • Orlando, Fla.

    One in every 859 U.S. homes has received a foreclosure filing, according to RealtyTrac’s latest foreclosure report.  Foreclosure filings were reported on 152,500 U.S. properties. This was down 1 percent month-over-month.

    Certain housing markets have recovered well and economists are getting increasingly bullish about the national housing recovery. But housing is a local story and many continue to suffer from an extremely high foreclosure rate. [more]

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    U.S. foreclosure filings — including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — are down 3 percent year-over-year, according to a year-end foreclosure market report issued by RealtyTrac. The nationwide average of housing units that had at least one foreclosure filing in 2012 came in at 1.39 percent — or one in every 72 units — which is down from the 1.45 percent tallied in 2011. But despite the positive news on the national front, foreclosure activity increased in 25 states in 2012, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Queens, RealtyTrac found, was particularly hard-hit. [more]

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