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  • tight-MarketNew Yorkers spent more than $50 billion on rent this year. In total, there are currently 3.4 million rental households in New York City, which is an increase of some 63,000 units compared to last year.

    The trend is in line with the rest of the country. All told, Americans spent $441 billion on rent in 2014. That’s a $20.6 billion bump up from the year before.  [more]

  • Pricey Brooklyn pads at 360 Furman Street, 192 Columbia Heights and 1 Main Street

    Pricey Brooklyn pads at 360 Furman Street, 192 Columbia Heights and 1 Main Street

    Brooklyn sales prices have been rising for two straight years, topping pre-recession highs. The upward climb continued in the third quarter. [more]

  • A one-bedroom in Greenpoint is listed at $2,800 monthly

    A one-bedroom in Greenpoint is listed at $2,800 monthly

    Brooklyn’s 14-month streak of rising rental prices ended in August, as new development units came onto the market, according to Douglas Elliman’s monthly rental report released Thursday.

    The borough’s median rental price in August was $2,808, down 1.5 percent from $2,852 in July. That’s also down 1.5 percent from a median rental price of $2,850 in August 2013. [more]

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  • Renters sign off floor plans, too

    August 21, 2014 10:30AM

    From the August issue: It took developers nearly four years to build the Robyn, a Karl Fischer–designed rental building in the East Village. But when leasing launched in June, all 33 units were snapped up within 10 days. [more]

  • The Hub in Downtown Brooklyn, Linc LIC in Long Island City and 388 Bridge Street in Brooklyn

    From left: the Hub in Downtown Brooklyn, Linc LIC in Long Island City and 388 Bridge Street in Brooklyn

    With Manhattan rents continuing to rise, Brooklyn and Queens experienced a surge of new rentals during the month of July, according to Douglas Elliman’s monthly rental report. [more]

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  • A $3,000 rental apartment at 413 Grand Street in Manhattan

    A $3,000 rental apartment at 413 Grand Street in Manhattan

    Manhattan’s rental market saw median prices hit a five-year high in June as the vacancy rate dropped to its lowest in five years, according to Douglas Elliman’s monthly rental report released on Thursday. [more]

  • NYC apartments

    NYC apartments

    Manhattan rental prices reached a new five-year high in May, as vacancy rates dropped and landlords eased up on concessions, according to Douglas Elliman’s monthly rental market report released today. [more]

  • How much bang does a renter get for his buck in San Jose vs. New York City?

    How much bang does a renter get for his buck in San Jose vs. New York City?

    If you rent an apartment, you probably know the approximate monthly rate of properties in your area. But how about the cost per square foot?

    Apartment Guide analyzed its data, taken from rental listings, and determined that the median price of an entry-level apartment or studio in the United States is $769. It then compared that number with square footage and prices from listings across major metro areas to find out where a renter can get the most space for his money. [more]

  • Median rents in

    Median rents in Manhattan and Brooklyn in April

    Manhattan rents in April hit their highest median price since 2009, according to Douglas Elliman’s monthly rental market report. Rents in the borough also registered a second consecutive month of increases following six straight months of decline. [more]

  • 058 Fake buyers-renters se FINAL.indd

    From the April issue: David Picket admits he is no social scientist or raconteur, but the president of Gotham Organization and his team go to great lengths to paint a picture of the future inhabitants of their projects. [more]

  • A look at NYC’s priciest rentals

    March 17, 2014 10:30AM
    The interior of a Trump Park Avenue penthouse

    The interior of a Trump Park Avenue penthouse

    From the March issue: The tight inventory of for-sale residential properties, along with a glut of high-end homes going unused by their owners, is fueling a growing supply of luxury rental units in trophy buildings with prices of $100,000 per month or more. [more]

  • From left:

    Elliman’s Yuval Greenblatt and Andrew Barrocas of MNS

    The traditional winter slowdown and a booming Brooklyn market brought down Manhattan rental prices in February, according brokerage reports.

    The median rent in Manhattan slipped 2.8 percent to $3,100 per month from $3,190 in February, tumbling year-over-year for the sixth consecutive month, a report from Douglas Elliman said. [more]

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  • Smaller cities embrace rental brokers

    February 23, 2014 02:00PM

    RentHop’s Lee Lin

    WEEKENDEDITION As the rental market becomes more competitive across the country, more middle city citizens are hiring brokers to help them hunt down a lease.

    While rental brokers are a mainstay of big cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, brokers told the Los Angeles Times that throughout the country, apartment hunters are increasingly looking for professional help. [more]

  • trulia-rent

    (Credit: Trulia)

    New York City ranks last on a list of U.S. cities with the largest average rental discounts for couples, according to a report from Trulia.

    Trulia used rental listings to determine the cost tradeoff of a couple sharing an apartment rather than living in separate one-bedrooms. Chief economist Jed Kolko’s study compared units in the same apartment building and calculated the average price difference by the number of bedrooms for units in a particular building. [more]

  • New York rents up, credit risk down

    January 27, 2014 05:30PM

    Average rents were up in the U.S. in the third quarter, while credit risk for those renting across the nation was down, according to the latest data from Chicago-based TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions. [more]

  • A snippet of Rentenna's new rental price map

    A snippet of Rentenna’s new rental price map

    From Luxury Listings NYC: The folks at New York City-based rentals site Rentenna have launched a heat map to help Manhattan house hunters this Polar vortex — er, winter — find a new rental home. The map tracks overall trends in pricing from the past 30 days and identifies them with three colors: Red is for areas with high median rents, blue shows where rents are about even with Manhattan overall, while green indicates “where New Yorkers can hope to find rental deals,” according to the site. [more]

  • Half of all renters in the U.S. spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing, according to a study released today from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. [more]

  • Where are the rentals?

    November 07, 2013 10:30AM
    From left:

    From left: Joseph Moinian, Gotham West, Atelier II and Howard Swarzman

    From the November issue: After the 2008 financial crisis, rattled New Yorkers pulled back on home-buying and started writing rent checks in force, while developers leased out condo units rather than selling them. Five years later, the rental market in the city is going strong, but for a different set of reasons. [more]

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  • From left: Lawrence Zhou and Lee Lin

    From left: Lawrence Zhou, Lee Lin

    Apartment search company RentHop has released a new mobile app aimed at rental property managers. The app will allow property managers to broadcast their location in real-time and immediately schedule showings with renters on the prowl for apartments. The app also allows managers to update listings data on-the-fly, the company said. [more]

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  • Up-Arrow-Money-Chart

    New York City rents jumped in the third quarter to $3,049 per month, up 0.9 percent from last quarter and up two percent year-over-year, according to a report from real estate research firm Reis. The city’s rents – the data excludes Staten Island — dwarf the national average, which is $1,073, and is the only national market tracked by the report that has rents north of the $3,000 mark. [more]


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