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    A fund that won a $3.9 million judgment in September against embattled developer Kent Swig is seeking to enforce its priority claim on certain of Swig’s assets, and prevent competing creditors who are owed a total of nearly $50 million from getting to them first.

    The fund, affiliated with Midtown-based investment firm RCG Longview, sued Swig as an individual, as well as five of his creditors, to force a turnover of eight assets to repay a $3.9 million debt, a petition filed Jan. 7 in New York State Supreme Court says. In the same filing, the fund alternately asked the court to turn the assets over to a sheriff or put them in the hands of a receiver.

    But a main goal of the suit was to make sure the other five creditors did not get their hands on the assets before the fund named RCG LV Debt IV Non-REIT Asset Holdings, did. The attached chart includes lenders and other creditors who have won court judgments against him.[more]

  • Embattled developer Kent Swig is facing another lawsuit on an alleged loan default, as RCG Debt IV Non-REIT Asset Holdings filed for a $3.5 million judgment Sept. 23. According to the suit filed in New York State Supreme Court, Swig, on Jan. 8, 2008, delivered a promissory note to RCG that was due Dec. 31, 2008. At the end of 2008, Swig was granted an extension until Feb. 28, 2009, and on July 24, 2009, he made two $50,000 interest payments for a total of $100,000, court documents show. Under the terms of the loan, Swig accumulated interest at 15 percent for the month of February, and 24 percent since March 1, minus the $100,000 payment. The judgment was signed Sept. 21, 2009, for $3.9 million. The judgment was entered at a time when Swig is appealing a $32.4 million judgment by Square Mile Structured Debt, which filed suit after Swig defaulted on $28 million in loans related to the conversion of his former condominium project Sheffield57, at 322 West 57th Street. … [more]