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  • Industry Poll: Is “Million Dollar Listing Miami” helping or hurting the business?

    Major South Florida real estate players discuss reality show's impact on sector
    September 19, 2014 11:15AM
    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt (via Bravo)

    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt (via Bravo)

    Reality TV shows tend to generate strong opinions, one way or the other. Viewers either love them or hate them. Very few who tune in are indifferent. [more]

  • “Million Dollar Listing” Finale: The GIFs That Keep on Giving

    Chad hunts for deals with Dr. Steve, Sam nods and does jazz hands and Chris bathes
    August 14, 2014 09:45AM
    Season One of "Million Dollar Listing Miami"

    Season One of “Million Dollar Listing Miami”

    Episode 8 wraps up the first season of “Million Dollar Listing Miami,” and in it our Big Three —Samantha, Chris and Chad — claim to have evolved both professionally and personally. All three took on noteworthy projects and suffered some losses, but they not only survived, they thrived and became — dare we say — reality stars. [more]

  • Inside “Million Dollar Listing Miami” with Samantha DeBianchi

    Broker chats about nightclub background, experience on show in advance of season finale
    August 12, 2014 10:30AM
    Samantha DeBianchi

    Samantha DeBianchi

    The season finale of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Miami” airs on Wednesday night. In advance of the episode, cast member Samantha DeBianchi — founder of DeBianchi Real Estate — chatted with The Real Deal about how she transitioned from the hospitality industry to luxury real estate and her experience on the show. Fellow cast members Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt spoke with TRD earlier in the season.

    DeBianchi, 30, received a bachelor’s degree in communications and sociology from Florida Atlantic University when she was 20 years old. Two years later, she got a master of business administration from Nova Southeastern University. After several years working for nightclubs as a VIP host and director, DeBianchi changed careers in 2011. Today, she runs a company with 20 full-time agents covering the high-end markets in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. [more]

  • “Million Dollar Listing Miami” Episode 7: The Mixtape edition

    Chris holds yoga-themed open house, Sam channels Madonna and Chad pops the question
    August 07, 2014 09:45AM
    Samantha DeBianchi, Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt

    Samantha DeBianchi, Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt

    It’s Episode Lucky #7 and there’s no better time for The Real Deal to play DJ again and bust out another MDL Mixtape! [more]

  • “Million Dollar Listing” Episode 6: The Third Wheel edition

    Chad and Chris team up to sell penthouses, while Samantha is on her own
    July 31, 2014 09:45AM
    Samantha DeBianchi, Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt

    Samantha DeBianchi, Chad Carroll and Chris Leavitt

    Finding the perfect home — matching buyer with property and agent with seller — is similar to finding the perfect love, so it is no wonder that passions run high in the wonderful world of SoFla real estate, as depicted by Million Dollar Listing’s Triad of Bliss, Samantha, Chris and Chad, as they try to match up with the perfect deal. In episode six, we see our threesome get divided into a twosome and a lone-some, as Samantha the cheese stands alone, our favorite C and C are running off together on the hunt for high commissions and (dare we dream) a bromance. [more]

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  • “Million Dollar Listing Miami” Episode 5: The Frenemy edition

    Chris, Chad and Samantha try to help their buddies complete property sales
    July 24, 2014 09:45AM
    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    Is it any wonder that with South Florida being so sunny all the time, that the Duck, Duck, Goose of the unreal estate industry — Chris, Chad and Samantha — would be throwing major shade at everyone in their path? With friends like these, you don’t need frenemies!

    In this episode we watched as they each tried to assist their friends — whether fellow agents or sellers — sell some property… with jibes, eyerolls, whines, complaints and insults. [more]

  • Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    Some say the type of real estate reality TV displayed in Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” is completely manufactured, staged and not real at all. This “fairy tale” we watch weekly, displaying mansions that are the equivalent of modern-day palaces straight out of fantasy, show us there is certainly good reason luxury properties are called “dream homes.” In this latest episode, we watch the Three Little Pigs of SoFla RE — Samantha, Chris and Chad — try to help buyers and sellers live the dream while encountering dragons, princesses and trolls along the way.

    Come along with us, suspend a bit of disbelief, and allow us to tell you a story about what we learned this viewing: [more]

  • Inside “Million Dollar Listing Miami” with Chris Leavitt

    Douglas Elliman broker chats about show’s impact on his life, challenging deals
    July 14, 2014 03:00PM
    Chris Leavitt

    Chris Leavitt

    Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing Miami” premiered last month. In addition to weekly episode recaps, The Real Deal will chat with the brokers featured on the show throughout the first season. The latest cast member to speak with TRD is Chris Leavitt, a broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

    Leavitt, 41, is a 20-year real estate industry veteran who has worked out of Elliman’s Miami Beach office since 2009. One of his most notable South Florida listings is the pending $34 million sale of two triplex penthouses at Ian Schrager’s Residences at the Miami Beach Edition. [more]

  • Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    Chad Carroll, Samantha DeBianchi and Chris Leavitt

    We are onto the third episode of “Million Dollar Listing Miami,” in which Sam, Chris and Chad — the Snap, Crackle and Pop of the Miami real estate scene — help buyers and sellers get the most bang for their buck while keeping it oh-so-classy vs. oh-so-trashy. But hey, you decide. [more]

  • mdl#3The Three Not-So-Amigos are back in Episode Two of “Million Dollar Listing Miami,” moving and shaking like never before. And by moving and shaking, we are referencing the literal far more than the figurative.

    This show has everything: pasty-clad women, kangaroo-ing, g-strings, hired dancers, divot stomping and the ever-popular after party!

    Here’s what we learned this go-around: