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Master Ranking of Residential Brokerages

February 29, 2016 10:51AM

Manhattan Brokerages by Total Listing Volume

Manhattan Brokerages by Total Listing Volume
RankFirm/Link2015 Listing Volume ($M)2014 Listing Volume ($M)2013 Listing Volume ($M)2012 Listing Volume ($M)2011 Listing Volume ($M)
1Douglas Elliman$4,200.0$3,600.0$2,220.0$3,192.0$3,515.0
2Corcoran Group$3,600.0$3,400.0$2,085.0$3,502.0$2,619.0
3Brown Harris Stevens$2,300.0$2,100.0$1,283.0$2,659.0$2,331.0
4Sotheby's International Realty$1,400.0$1,300.0$1,009.0$1,468.0
5Halstead Property$711.0$666.0$652.0$845.0$687.0
6Stribling & Associates$693.0$552.0$384.0$584.0$632.0
8Town Residential$437.0$356.0$327.0$502.0
9Nest Seekers International$347.0$164.0$162.0$252.0$132.0
10Dolly Lenz Real Estate$324.0$157.0
12Warburg Realty$263.0$166.0$188.1
13Keller Williams NYC$165.0$109.0$187.0
14Modlin Group$103.0$115.0$84.2$48.0$31.9
15Charles Rutenberg$97.0$92.0$94.0$84.0$80.0
16Leslie J. Garfield & Co.$90.0$126.0$93.8$182.4$215.3
17Engel & Volkers$88.0
18BLU Realty$80.0$91.0$81.0$58.0
19Citi Habitats$76.0$112.0$76.0$108.0$158.0
20New York Residence$76.0$120.0
21Bond New York$74.0$23.0$31.0$27.0$29.0
22Peter McCuen & Associates$65.0$80.0
23Domus Realty$53.0$83.0
24Fenwick Keats$46.0$38.0$44.2
26Platium Properties$41.0$52.0$13.4$20.3
27Peter Ashe Real Estate$39.0
28Fox Residential Group$37.0$44.0$64.4$84.5$44.8
29Spire Group$21.1$10.0
31KIAN Realty$21.0$22.0
32City Connections$15.0$9.0$13.1
33Oxford Property Group$11.0$32.0
34DJK Residential$9.8$13.9
35Level Group$9.8$11.8
38Mercedes Berk$38.2$17.7$36.9
39Keier Residential$37.4$113.2$84.2
40Olshan Realty$15.7$15.3
41Think Properties$17.5$18.1
42Olshan Realty$15.3$16.1
Source: The Real Deal reporting and figures from OLR.

Manhattan Brokerages by Number of Sales Listings

Manhattan Brokerages by No. of Sales Listings
RankFirm2015 Listings2014 Listings2013 Listings2012 Listings2011 Listings
1Douglas Elliman9939549931,4841,815
2Corcoran Group7608308361,5081,320
3Halstead Property375387440708579
4Brown Harris Stevens362356353651607
13Sotheby's International Realty158183261246
5Stribling & Associates147126197205
6Town Residential113140136174-
7Keller Williams NYC978068
8Nest Seekers International9368788699
16Warburg Realty506553
9Citi Habitats4682118140228
10Charles Rutenberg4648878173
12Bond New York3231324234
17BLU Realty31222834-
18Fenwick Keats191838
26Dolly Lenz Rel Estate176
29Engel & Volkers17
19Fox Residential Group1613192122
22KIAN Realty1415
30New York Residence1418
34Peter Ashe Real Estate14
28Leslie J. Garfield1210102319
20Spire Group11
24City Connections111019
27Modlin Group119968
32Domus Realty86
25Oxford Property Group77
33Platinum Properties61143
31Peter McCuen & Associates43
36DJK Residential119
37Level Group1014
38Spire Group9
40Sloane Group3
42Kleier Residential233326
43Olshan Realty7811
44Think Properties44
Source: The Real Deal reporting and OLR.

Manhattan Brokerages by Number of Agents

Manhattan Brokerages by # of Agents
RankFirm# of Manhattan Agents 2015# of Manhattan Agents 2014# of Manhattan Agents 2013# of Manhattan Agents 2012# of Manhattan Agents 2011
1Douglas Elliman1,9771,7251,5991,1561,506
2Corcoran Group1,1581,1911,0911,1311,057
3Halstead Property814721617600574
4Citi Habitats745703607627673
5Town Residential577472338268-
6Charles Rutenberg544489468446
7Keller Williams NYC535343240-
8Bond New York507450515458
9Brown Harris Stevens496431447434435
10Nest Seekers International352260308209
12Stribling & Associates281256244213236
13Oxford Property Group271211
14Sotheby's International Realty231198184
15KIAN Realty222172
17Warburg Realty141153126
18Spire Group131
20City Connections11393118
21Fenwick Keats859480
22BLU Realty74585659-
24Fox Residential Group5146483944
25Platnium Properties36685058-
26New York Residence3436
27Engel & Volkers25
28Peter Ashe Real Estate14
29Leslie J. Garfield & Co.131111810
30Domus Realty1316
31Modlin Group107664
32Dolly Lenz Real Estate52
33Peter McCuen & Associates32
34Spire Group161
35Level Group144155
36DJK Residential5755
38Sloane Square131013
40Key Ventures1316
41Kleier Residential403639
42Olshan Realty11109
43Think Properties87
Source: The Real Deal reporting and OLR.

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