New Port Authority boss… and more

December 18, 2006 12:00AM

1. New boss at Port Authority more [NYT]
2. Good deals at Spuyten Duyvil more [NYT]
3. Properties on market longer more [NYT]
4. Urban condos in Jersey more [NYT]
5. “Aggressive” mortgage alternatives more [NYT]
6. Are area rugs “carpeting?” more [NYT]
7. 80-20 explained more [NYT]
8. Paying the sublet fee more [NYT]
9. New condos in Riverdale more [NYDN]
10. Pinnacle, Spitzer make deal more [NYDN]
11. The Dakota in context more [NYT]
12. Knowing building noise levels more [NYT]
13. Condos above UWS Apple Bank more [NYT]

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