Trouble at the top, lonely at the Plaza … and more

February 18, 2008 10:46AM

  1. 1. Inventory of trophy apartments keeps shrinking [NYT]
  2. 2. First residents of the Plaza find it a lonely place [NYT]
  3. 3. New buyers might be finding good prices, but getting a
    mortgage is a different story [NYT]
  4. 4. Rental market shows strength in New Jersey [NYT]
  5. 5. The saga of Pier 40 [AP via AMNY]
  6. 6. Short sales become popular on Long
    Island [NYT]
  7. 7. If housing prices drop 10 percent, 15 million homes will be
    worth less than what’s owed on their mortgages [NYDN]
  8. 8. More Americans have negative equity in their home [WSJ]
  9. 9. Miss America ’98 tries to find a low mortgage for her new East Harlem co-op [NYDN]
  10. 10. Housing starts remained near a 16-year low in January [Bloomberg]
  11. 11. New Jersey’s Atlantic County was one of only 11 metro areas
    surveyed by the National Association of Realtors that showed a double-digit
    annual price gain [Star-Ledger]
  12. 12. Former CEO of Bear Stearns paid $2.4 million for a condo at
    the Plaza [NYDN]
  13. 13. Yankee Stadium’s construction has been a boon for Bronx contractors [Post]
  14. 14. At the International Builders Show in Orlando, the glamorous gave way to the practical [WSJ]
  15. 15. In Bethel,
    Conn., 18th-century Colonials mix
    with 1960s ranches houses [NYT]
  16. 16. Mortgage ads remain upbeat [NYT]