Lehman’s losses … and more

June 16, 2008 05:47PM

  • 1. Lehman Brothers’ new CEO pledges to move ahead following a $2.8 billion loss and $4.1 billion in write-downs on mortgage investments [NYT]
  • 2. William F. Buckley’s 5,000-square-foot duplex co-op at 778 Park Avenue hits the market for $24.5 million [Curbed]
  • 3. Almost 75 percent of voters support Gov. David Paterson’s proposal to cap property-tax increases at 4 percent per year [Crain’s]
  • 4. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are bracing for huge write-downs this quarter [Crain’s]
  • 5. Delays and costs overruns at the World Trade Center could cause a major redo of its construction schedule [Crain’s]
  • 6. Mortgage lenders agreed to do more to help borrowers avert foreclosure [Bloomberg]

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