Chocolate Bar re-opens in East Village

By Jane C. Timm | June 30, 2008 03:53PM

Village chocoholics don’t have to travel too far for their fix: former West Village choco-star The Chocolate Bar re-opens today at its new location at 127 East 7th Street, near First Avenue.

“So far, so good!” said the shop’s manager, Jack Woodhull. “We’ve had a couple of our regulars from our old store [stop by].”

The new location offers a “Meet the Neighbors” discount for the bar’s espresso and coffee. The bar’s chocolate, dubbed a “completely legal life enhancer,” will also be available in free samples for patrons who “come in to say hello,” Woodhull said.

Woodhull said that the rent in the East Village was “much more reasonable.” He said that it was “comparable to what we were paying” in the West Village before a rent hike forced it out.

The new restaurant is next door to the Peter Jarema Funeral Home.

“Everyone thinks that we should make an R.I.P. truffle, which would be really funny,” founder and operator Alison Nelson told the Observer in April.

The cafe also has locations in the Fifth Avenue’s Henry Bendel and in Long Beach Island. A competitor, Divalicious Chocolate, is at Broome and Mott streets.

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