This Week in Comments

November 14, 2008 05:54PM

This Week in Comments

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog.

The Donald criticizes the Freedom Tower

Friday, November 14: What a joke. He’s criticizing adding office space to an overbuilt office market and he’s adding residential space to an overbuilt residential market. Guess if he had a piece of the Freedom Tower action he would just shut-up.

Williamsburg state park to close next year

Thursday, November 13: This is extremely sad, where the city has to close parks to make the budget. If the city council cut down on their private expenses, like car services, you could probably keep all of the parks open.

Condos: $5,000 off for a limited time only

Thursday, November 13:
1. This is a typo, right? The discount better be $50,000 or I’m not closing.
2. Coupons-shmoopons, unless you’re gonna drop prices to south of $1000 per square foot, you’re not gonna move those units.

Trump Soho tops off, becomes tallest building in ‘hood

Tuesday, November 11: This project has zero appeal for the most obvious of buyers: New Yorkers

Sales begin at 20 Henry

Monday, November 10: If you’re a guy and you’re trying to get laid, it’s hell getting a girl to cross a bridge or tunnel to go home with you after a night of drinking. You’d be better off living in a shoe box in Manhattan than a spacious apartment in Brooklyn.

Sales launched at art-focused West Chelsea condo

Monday, November 10: Prospective buyers are becoming prospective renters now that they’ve figured out mortgages are no longer an option to finance their purchase. So if the developer is going to keep their head above water, or below depending on your point of view, it has to go 100 percent rentals. Looks like that “rental wannabe sales agent” is in the right place.