Center will distribute $2.3M to help homeowners

December 11, 2008 02:16PM

Center for New York City Neighborhoods will distribute $2.3 million in
grants to 19 not-for-profit community service providers to help
homeowners throughout the city who are at risk of foreclosure. The
grants will fund legal assistance, mortgage counseling and education
services for residents. The center has provided housing counseling and
legal services to about 1,000 New Yorkers during the second half of
this year, and with the grants, the center will be able to help more
than 6,000 residents next year, and provide education services to
20,000 New Yorkers. “Although our City has not experienced the volume
of home foreclosures that have devastated many other parts of the
nation, too many New York families are in danger of losing their homes
and the risk of foreclosure is increasing quickly,” said Mayor Michael
Bloomberg. The mayor and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn created
the Center for New York City Neighborhoods in 2007. TRD

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