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December 19, 2008 05:50PM

Renegotiating at closing time
I’m sorry but it’s not right at this point to try and go and renegotiate. A deal made is a deal made. If the prices went up higher, would the developers have grounds for a renegotiation?

Corcoran advises homebuyers to visit prospective neighborhood at night
Also, asking what type of underwear the seller is wearing could give you an indication as to, “is this someone I can do business with.”

Construction industry survey says confidence has declined

The construction industry will continue to thrive for those who know what they’re doing. The others who are [not] as knowledgeable and skilled will be weeded out. Plain and simple.

Massey Knakal seeks equity partners
Real-estate-investment-sales-only model does not work in a down market.

Diane Ramirez says low prices are drawing buyers, but no one’s making offers

Ms. Ramirez, please stop lying. You know very well, we are heading into a [un]protected and unprecedented downturn.

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