Stop work orders increase, hedge funds vacating space … and more

December 22, 2008 06:16PM

1. Stop work orders increase after crane collapse [Crain’s]
2. Newspapers sell buildings to raise money [AP]
3. 184 Kent Street could become a landmark [Curbed]
4. Building permit revoked at Staten Island day care development [SI Live]
5. Pols respond to Deutsche Bank indictment [SI Live]
6. City’s hedge funds vacating space [WSJ]
7. Cellular company tower approved for 72nd Place in Maspeth [Queens Crap]
8. 56 Leonard Street could be put on hold [Curbed]
9. Can Hovnanian save itself by raising cash? [Seeking Alpha]
10. Keller Williams founder offers tips for downturn [Inman]
11. Who’s responsible for the housing bubble? [Gawker]
12. Homebuilder options one way to wait out downturn [Seeking Alpha]
13. Why are mortgage rates so high? [Seeking Alpha]
14. Baby boomers partly responsible for housing bubble [Seeking Alpha]
15. Mortgage modifications fail within six months of modification more than half the time [Bloomberg]

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