Alleged mortgage scammer sells homes, takes money

March 09, 2009 03:01PM

resident Waver Brickhouse turned to the company Home Savers Consulting
when she started falling behind on mortgage payments, but instead of
helping her refinance, the company allegedly sold her home and took out
a mortgage with IndyMac Federal Bank. Now, 69-year-old Brickhouse has
to convince the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which took over
IndyMac, that her mortgage payments should not include the $150,000
tacked on by fraud. Home Savers has been sued by homeowners in
Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, with a similar pattern of action in
almost every case. The company allegedly secretly transfers the deed to
the house to a straw buyer with good credit who qualifies for a
cash-out refinancing, and then drains the home of equity.

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