Pols slam new public review proposal

March 13, 2009 08:31AM

At a recent hearing, neighborhood groups and elected officials slammed the proposed new rules for the public review process and challenges to applications for building permits. City Council member Tony Avella called the process, which would limit public challenges to building permits to 30 days after a plan is approved, “extremely shameful.” Other opponents include State Senator Daniel Squadron, who said the proposed plan would impose an insufficient process for public comment on projects. And City Council member Rosie Mendez said most community members do not know about new buildings going up until there are permits posted at a work site, and 30 days is not enough time to inspect the building plans and permits. The proposed public review plan would allow anyone who finds objections after the 30-day period to have another 15 days to file an appeal with the Board of Standards and Appeals, and also calls for developers to post plans on the city’s Web site.

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