Publisher’s note

By Amir Korangy | April 06, 2009 01:11PM

From the April issue: It has come to my attention that the principals of two firms have advised their brokers not to cooperate with The Real Deal’s reporters and have pulled the magazine from some of their offices. We always knew we had a tremendous impact on the city’s real estate industry, but this came as a surprise even to us. When we talked to the principals, they essentially said they didn’t like that we weren’t sugarcoating what’s going on in the market. So let me set the record straight: The Real Deal covers the New York City real estate market more thoroughly and accurately than any other media outlet in the five boroughs. Maybe these principals would prefer if we wrote about how many Girl Scout cookies brokers are buying and how great the market has been this month. But that wouldn’t be fair to our readers, because we have a responsibility to report what’s actually happening in the market — even when it gets ugly.