City Council member threatens to kill Coney Island deal, subprime brokers now modifying loans … and more

July 21, 2009 08:40AM

1. Brooklyn City Council member threatens to kill Coney Island plan if concessions aren’t made [NYDN]
2. A slideshow of Marc Dreier’s One Beacon Court apartment, to be auctioned today [NYT]
3. Sidewalk sheds go up for construction, never come down [WSJ]
4. Sentencing postponed for New York developer [Mortgagefraudblog]
5. Tenants annoyed by energy-billing practices [NYT]
6. Tennis players mourn the loss of Tennisport in Long Island City [NYDN]
7. Assisted living units may come to St. Charles Mission Center [SI Live]
8. Pizzerias on Staten Island in the midst of a $40 million lawsuit [SI Live]
9. Potential Lounge 47 buyer wants to be sure establishment could still serve liquor [Queens Chronicle]
10. Regional Plan Association supports Port Authority in WTC dispute [Post]
11. Columbia University leases floor at 880 Third Avenue [Post]
12. National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers urges banks to lend more, says they have not done enough to reduce foreclosures [Bloomberg]
13. Subprime brokers work on modifying loans [NYT]
14. Because of real estate loans, analysts expect Morgan Stanley to report net loss of $555 million [WSJ]
15. Seniors may receive smaller proceeds from reverse mortgages [National Mortgage News]
16. Analysts expect better participation in second TALF CMBS financing subscription [National Mortgage News]
17. Is the Obama administration’s foreclosure plan failing? [TRE Bloggers]
18. Freddie Mac shares closing costs on homes it owns [Housing Wire]