This Week in Comments

July 23, 2009 05:36PM

Second Avenue Subway delay to impact real estate in the short-term
Hate to say this but there is little to no chance the Second Avenue Subway line gets built in the next 10 years. The city blew their opportunity. Why build it now in face of budget issues? Yes it will create some jobs, but there are plenty of city construction jobs. People will have to walk those extra two blocks for a long, long time

Is the High Line overrated?

Way too much money spent for the park. Great park, but [the] money could have [been] better spent elsewhere. Let’s see how it ages.

20 Pine offers residents lots of lounging
They realize there is nothing around there to do, so they have to fill
the building up with all this crap so they can try to get a ridiculous

Biggest price cut of the day
Just because the [asking price] is 31 percent off the original listing [price],
there is not necessarily a bargain to be had. I agree this is a
beautiful building, and this unit should sell, but [not at more than]
$5 to $6 million, which is still huge.

Hamptons market weak despite sales activity

What they always conveniently leave out is that part of the market fuel is the purchase of the foreclosed property segment. Must not sound good, but everywhere else in the country provides this insight to temper any nonsense about a “recovery”