Senior center riles Clinton Hill community

August 06, 2009 11:07AM

Renewed plans for a six-story affordable housing community for seniors has divided the Clinton Hill community. The key complaint against the project, proposed by the CNR Health Care Network, is that it surpasses the neighborhood’s five-story height limit. Residents on Lefferts Place, where the unit would be built, believe that the building would interrupt the 19th-century architecture in the region and undermine past efforts to keep developments at a certain height. Clinton Hill Council member Letitia James received one letter outlining the community’s complaints. “We are against the development because it is a massive nursing and housing complex [that] will dwarf the surrounding brownstones, limestones, rowhouses and villas,” it read. Some community leaders were quoted as saying they believe the provision of more details would quell the community’s unrest. CNR Health Care Network has not yet filed a formal approval request with the city.

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