Six months free rent?

August 27, 2009 10:53AM

alternate textFrom left: The Avalon Riverview North and 10-63 Jackson (Second photo source:

Royalton Realty is offering six months free rent at one of two condo buildings in Long Island City as one possible prize in a raffle at its office grand opening party tonight. The units on offer are a one-bedroom sublet at 1063 Jackson or a one-bedroom at Avalon Riverview North, both in Long Island City. The raffle winner must sign a 12-month lease at either building. The apartment at 1063 Jackson, which is at 1063 Jackson Avenue, rents for $1,900 per month, and the home at Avalon Riverview North, which is at 4-75 48th Avenue, rents for $2,370 per month, the company said. TRD

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