Tech firm moves to 1250 Broadway, Deutsche Bank building owner operates outside city and state laws … and more

September 08, 2009 04:51PM

1. Tech firm moves to 1250 Broadway from 250 Hudson Street [Crain’s]
2. Soho resident turns loft into crash pad for struggling artists [NYDN]
3. One Brooklyn Bridge Park offers free Audi to buyers [Curbed]
4. Some renters leave their leases to cut expenses [NYT]
5. Knitting factory to reopen Wednesday [NBC]
6. A look at actress Jennifer Esposito’s co-ops [NY Mag]
7. Steel from 9/11 is going into memorials around the country [NYT]
8. Doorman puts beginning of his memoir online [Brick Underground]
9. Photographer Annie Leibovitz was supposed to repay Art Capital Group loan by today [NYDN]
10. Six hotels set to open in New York City this fall, with more in 2010 [Hotel Chatter]
11. What structures will rise at Ground Zero? [AP]
12. A seasonal uptick in inventory could be ahead [UrbanDigs]
13. Deutsche Bank building owner operates outside city and state laws [SI Advance]
14. Printer moves his business from Queens to Soho [NYDN]
15. City’s Department of Environmental Protection creates nature preserve over Brooklyn landfill [NYT]
16. Landlord might not renew lease agreement with Staten Island’s Cedar Grove Beach Club [SI Advance]
17. Strip club Scores can’t escape its financial troubles [NYDN]
18. A year after the fall of Lehman Brothers, a new Wall Street elite rises [Crain’s]
19. Mortgage firms added jobs in July, but not for brokers [National Mortgage News]
20. Commercial real estate lending standards loosen, federal report shows [Nu Wire Investor]
21. Coldwell Banker wants to create Youtube channel for home sale videos [Realtor Magazine]
22. Whole classes of borrowers frozen out of the market by new loan rules [Washington Post]
23. REITs raise money for distressed asset investments [Housing Wire]
24. Congress did not act quickly enough to save Fannie and Freddie, former regulator says [CNBC]
25. Troubled assets still risky for small banks [National Real Estate Investor]
26. Institutional investors under scrutiny as high-profile loans default [National Real Estate Investor]
27. Condo purchases now involve extra steps [Realtor Magazine]