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September 11, 2009 11:30AM

Not the Mega Millions, but apartment lottery offers pretty good jackpot
Hate to say it, but why call this a lottery win when foreclosed auctions sound like a much better deal than these?

Bailey Mansion sells for almost 90 percent below original asking price
Wake up people — the minimum renovation cost to bring this to modern standards would [be] $1 million. Full, proper historical restoration would easily cost $1.5 million to $2 million… sale price still seem cheap?

Simon Development expands with new opportunity fund
Many, many funds already exist, with considerably more experience. So, what’s the big deal here?

For office brokers, do you have to do more hand-holding for landlords you represent?
I want my guys to cut prices to move inventory. Before, I wanted them to stop overpricing to move inventory. Your job is to fill the space at the highest price possible. The market’s warmth or coolness doesn’t affect my reaction to landlords — they both end in me screaming at them. A good landlord rep is tougher on the landlord than the tenant rep, because the landlord’s job is to rent his space.

Related exec takes Columbia position funded by SL Green CEO
Having a Related insider will help grads get a job there.