Former NYPD commissioner accused of mortgage fraud goes before judge

September 22, 2009 05:42PM

A former New York City police and department of corrections commissioner indicted on 15 counts of criminal activity, including making false statements on a loan application with respect to a purchase of a Riverdale home, went before a United States Magistrate Judge today for initial hearings on his case. Bernard Kerik, the disgraced one-time White House security post nominee, faces up to 142 years in prison if convicted, but his lawyers aren’t
going down without some creativity. Kerik’s legal team has asked
federal Judge Stephen Robinson to allow them to ask potential jurors
about their feelings toward former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
— with whom Kerik was close, as a part of the jury selection process.
While the judge said he may include more questions in the jury review
process, he did not report specifically whether he would include those
relating to Giuliani. [AP via WCAX] and [Mortgage Fraud Blog]