Among brokers, a resurgence of the old guard

High-end pendulum swings back toward co-op deals and white-shoe brokers
By Candace Taylor | December 01, 2009 05:03PM

alternate textA. Laurence Kaiser IV, president of Key-Ventures Realty, in front of his listing at 17 East 77th Street

From the December Issue: Fascination with Manhattan high society has reached a fever pitch
lately. The TV show “Gossip Girl” glamorizes the lives of pampered
Upper East Side teenagers, complete with references to catered co-op
board meetings and the Colony Club, while real-life New York socialites
Amanda Hearst and Olivia Palermo are now feted as celebrities. A similar phenomenon appears to be occurring in the world of
Manhattan real estate. Suddenly, the priciest and most
attention-grabbling listings in town are in the hands of well-heeled
brokers like Southern belle Leighton Candler, Stribling’s Kirk Henckels
and the Clintons’ broker Kathy Sloane, names heard less frequently
during the boom years, as brash brokers like Dolly Lenz and Michael
Shvo dominated the headlines. But it’s not just pop culture that’s bringing about this shift.

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