Port Authority-Silverstein talks continue despite deadline, would-be luxury condos roll out as hopeful rentals … and more

March 15, 2010 08:19AM

1. Port Authority-Silverstein talks continue despite Friday’s arbitration panel deadline [AP]
2. Would-be luxury condos roll out as hopeful rentals in days of waning housing slump [AP via NYT]
3. Losing Aqueduct bidders to get another shot at proposals; new winner expected by the end of the year [Crain’s]
4. Brooklyn Bridge Park progress helping sales at nearby One Brooklyn Bridge Park [NYT]

5. At its closing, a look back at Dia Center for the Arts [NY Mag]
6. High credit scores don’t make buyers default-proofs [NYT]
7. 35 evacuate after high carbon monoxide levels found in UWS apartments [Post]
8. Downtown commercial real estate market in danger amid oversupply [Crain’s]
9. New Jersey luxury rentals heat up over the winter [NYT]
10. Regulators, staffers worried about Lehman’s real estate bets even before crash [Financial Times]
11. Town of Oxford, Conn. imposes 11-month moratorium on affordable housing development [NYT]
12. REIT rally could “crash and burn” without larger industry recovery [Washington Post]
13. Banks’ stricter guidelines holding up even the most qualified buyers [NYT]
14. NYC shoppers welcome new influx of foreign retailers [Crain’s]

15. As Fed TALF program ends, commercial mortgage debt returns rally [Bloomberg via Business Week]

16. The history of Broadway, above 96th Street [NYT]

17. Century-old Long Island homes must now be board-approved before demolition, renovation [NYT]