Former NBA point guard thrives in South Florida commercial real estate

By Alexander Britell | April 01, 2010 12:04PM

From the South Florida Web site: John Crotty had finished his career as a point guard for seven teams, including the Miami Heat, in the National Basketball Association. He was on a surfing trip to Costa Rica in 2004 with Michael Fay, a frequent partner on the waves and a good friend. Fay was a commercial real estate broker in Miami, and Crotty had been interested in the field. Driving back from the beach, he told Fay he wanted to move into the business after his 11-year basketball career. A few months later, the two spoke again, and before long, Crotty, 40, was learning the real estate world as a commercial associate at Fay’s firm in Miami, Colliers Abood Wood-Fay. Now, after 11 seasons in the NBA, including a stint with the Heat in 1996, the former point guard is carving a niche in the Miami commercial real estate market.

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