Mortgage bond case dismissed against Moody’s and S&P … and more

April 01, 2010 04:38PM

1. City improvement group plans to transform Downtown Brooklyn parking lot into public park [NYDN]
2. Facebook group forms to promote small businesses in East Village [EV Grieve]
3. Community puzzled over Morrisania public housing name selection [NYT]
4. Images emerge from Yankee Stadium demolition, while writers commemorate the downfall of a city institution [wcbs880] and [New Yorker]  

5. News anchor puts one-bedroom Tribeca apartment on the market for $1.4M [NYMag]
6. State Department of Education blasted for requesting pricey office furnishings [Post]
7. More public housing developers embracing green ideals [Economist]
8. Co-op dweller turns to Twitter for gas valve repair, after hitting up the customer service line fails [Brick Underground]
9. Case dismissed on mortgage bond fraud suit against S & P, Moody’s [Bloomberg]
10. Mapping the cities immune to housing booms and busts [WSJ]

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