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May 07, 2010 02:08PM

..WTC head architect weighs in on delays
Considering that it was [Daniel] Libeskind’s stupid design that proved unworkable and created the need for a comprehensive redesign, he’s remarkably unapologetic for being the cause of the delays. His impenetrable ego won’t allow him to acknowledge his immense failings.

UWS sliver building wins 10-year battle over city, but is the fight over?

He should be compensated by the city for the delay. In lieu of monetary compensation he should be given extra rights to build at that site

South Florida residential market won’t rebound until 2030
Force people to buy. Make rent prices so high they have no choice.

Citi Habitats rebrands sales division
Sounds like a smart move to attract sales agents to a rental company but hard to pry them loose without overpaying them.

Six questions for Stuart Saft
He is the ultimate “fixer” in the city. His clients stay out of court because he is good like that.

Limelight brings light to dark club space
The Disneyfication of New York, after a brief pause, continues its march forward. How sad.

Southampton home values rise by $2B overall
It’s called the trickle down effect and the Hamptons are the first location (hopefully not the only one) to benefit from it. No matter how much some people claim to dislike them, the Hamptons has more upside potential than almost all real estate locations in the U.S.

Citi Habitats founder to start new brokerage

Interesting — a new firm in the mix could be refreshing right now.