Newswalk buyers: ‘Shame on’ Boymelgreen

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May.May 25, 2010 05:45 PM
At left and at right: photos of alleged damage to the Newswalk condo from; Center: Shaya Boymelgreen

2010 hasn’t been kind to Brooklyn developer Shaya Boymelgreen. Last
month, he was evicted from his Prospect Heights office near Atlantic
Yards after his landlord lost the building to eminent domain. And one month
before that, his LibertyPointe Bank was seized by the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation. 

All the while, he’s also been entangled in a slew of lawsuits from
condo buyers over allegedly shoddy construction that’s cost residents
millions in repairs. 
Among those residents are those of the three-building Newswalk condominium at 535 Dean Street in Prospect Heights, who, to add insult to
injury, have just launched in an effort to draw more
attention to their suit. 
Their building, the 2002 conversion of a former
Daily News printing plant, is currently undergoing a two-year, $7
million construction remediation project, according to the website,
which, through video and photo essays, is intended to showcase the
“physical, financial and emotional toll that buyers have suffered” as
a result of Newswalk’s structural defects. 
The residents want to
“bring [Boymelgreen] up-to-date” on “what the residents of Newswalk
are suffering,” said a spokesperson for the ShameOnShaya group. Boymelgreen was not immediately reachable for comment. 

— Sarabeth Sanders

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