Sag Harbor to bid on MTA waterfront land

June 21, 2010 12:30PM

The Village of Sag Harbor will bid on a 16,405-square-foot, waterfront
property owned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Long
Island Railroad, according to the Sag Harbor Express, the same land
which the developers of the stalled Ferry Road condominium property are trying to acquire through an adverse possession claim. Adverse possession is the occupation of property for an extended period of
time, which is not legally owned by the person
occupying the property, sometimes referred to as squatting.

expressing interest in the land for a number of years, Sag Harbor
received the MTA’s request for proposals for the sale of the property June 4.

Meanwhile, the developers of East End Vultures, a proposed condo
project adjacent to the LIRR-owned land, originally said they were in
contract to buy the property from the MTA. After those talks stalled,
they filed an adverse possession claim with the county Supreme Court,
which has yet to be decided. According to the RFP, the site is being

sold subject to that claim and any purchaser will be substituted as
the defendant in that case. [Sag Harbor Express]