The Real Deal New York

At the desk of: Stuart M. Suna

By C. J. Hughes | July 19, 2010 10:30AM

movie posters outside Stuart Suna’s office are just a hint of the world
beyond his desk. He oversees Silvercup Studios and Silvercup Studios
East, two sprawling movie studios in Long Island City, where thousands
of films, TV shows and commercials have been shot. But the Silvercup
president is also an active real estate developer who’s built a
thousand affordable housing units in New York in the last three
decades. His latest project, though, is a 76-unit market-rate condo in
Long Island City called the Industry, where sales start this month.
Sometimes Suna’s development and movie worlds collide. Suna, 55, also
an architect, redesigned a 3,000-square-foot refrigerator at Silvercup,
a former bakery, into his apartment. It’s now rented out as a
production office during movie shoots.


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