Last Week in Comments

August 09, 2010 05:30PM

Agents and firms battle over ads
The big problem is that the companies make the agents who are independent contractors pay for the ads and the company winds up getting the little guy to promote the company for free. The concept is distorted.

Homebuyers melt away
I love it how brokers will never admit that it’s just a weak market. If prices were right and banks were lending — trust me — people would brave the heat.

From real estate to prison
The bar is set too low for entrance. The real estate business is filled with far too many illiterate people.

UES landlord scores rare win on rent-regulation front

All the judge said was that they are in the wrong court; how is this a win for landlords?

Amid controversy, new sales figures released by Trump Soho

There’s a difference between “contracts out” and “contracts signed.” The truth will come out in court. [Donald] Trump should stick to his TV show where everyone acts like a clown.

Condé Nast to anchor 1 WTC

1 WTC is the slowest rising tower I have ever seen — almost as slow as tearing down the Deutsche Bank building.

State to insure distressed apt. property loans
If the property is troubled and you know it is, why would you want to insure an additional loan on the same property?