The ‘Sunshine’ of the leasing world

After years of consulting on new rental projects behind the scenes, Nancy Packes steps into the spotlight
By Candace Taylor | November 15, 2010 09:56AM

From the November issue: It’s late afternoon at the new rental building Ohm, and Nancy Packes is explaining why there’s a stage in the middle of the lobby. “Music is the religion of today’s generation,” says the effervescent 60-something Packes, who is the exclusive marketing and leasing consultant at the building. “This is really their spiritual experience — this is how they bond with each other. It’s not so crazy, because if you think back to America in the South with soul coming out of the churches, and Aretha Franklin, there is a tremendously close association between music and religion.” It’s safe to say that most people probably don’t look at Ohm — located
on an industrial stretch of 11th Avenue across from a Mobil station —
and think about the Deep South. But that’s why developers all over the
city — including high-profile names like Donald Trump, Douglas Durst
and Bruce Ratner — hire Packes to design and market their new
development projects. [more]