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DOT to face suit for shutting down tunnel tours under Atlantic Avenue

December 27, 2010 12:36PM

Bob Diamond, a legendary railway explorer announced last Thursday that he is suing the Department of Transportation to regain access to The Abandoned Subway Tunnel Under Atlantic Avenue that he rediscovered three decades ago. The DOT cancelled the official tours that he ran in the defunct tunnel, saying they were a fire hazard due to air quality concerns and having just one emergency exit, according to the Brooklyn Paper. Diamond is expected to argue in his suit that the city canceled his tours without allowing him to address the Fire Department of New York’s concerns. “The FDNY gave us a list and said to fix it [but] the Department of Transportation says, ‘No, you can’t go in there anymore,’” Diamond said. Diamond received the last-minute notice from the FDNY on Dec. 10, followed by the ban from the DOT. The tunnel has hosted events before, as recently as August, with no complaints from the city. Diamond has a few ideas to fix the problems but claims that he’s been denied access to do the work. [Brooklyn Paper]

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