“Selling New York” stars talk shop

January 12, 2011 10:16AM

Core founder and HGTV’s “Selling New York” star Shaun Osher is relaunching his “Core Talks” webisode series with the help of a real estate pro who’s already warmed to the camera. In the living room of her $27.5 million listing at the former Stanhope Hotel, “Selling New York” co-star Michele Kleier, of Gumley Haft Kleier, chatted with Osher about the current real estate environment and about how she got into the industry nearly 30 years ago. Now, she said, “I think you and I are two of the only really strong boutique firms that are around.” But despite her newfound reality television fame, Kleier remains, in her own words, “very old fashioned.” She told Osher, “I am not a person who you will find on e-mail all the time… I hate it when I’m out with somebody and they’re looking at an apartment and they’re on their e-mail. It’s like, so irritating. You know, give me 10 minutes.”