Calif. rehab center plans Hamptons expansion

January 26, 2011 01:20PM

From left: Passages in Malibu and Ventura, Calif.

A pricey drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with locations in Malibu, Calif. and Ventura, Calif. is considering opening a Hamptons outpost, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company, known as Passages, said its popularity among wealthy East Coasters has motivated its potential expansion, since roughly one fifth of its clients come from the New York City metro area. The Malibu and Ventura facilities, which charge $88,500 and $32,500 per month, respectively, are particularly popular among “corporate titans, Wall Street executives or their family members,” according to David Kaiser, chief marketing officer for Passages. His company’s program does not include group therapy, a mainstay at many rehabilitation clinics, which Kaiser said attracts clients who crave anonymity, including celebrities like Andy Dick, Stephen Baldwin and David Hasselhoff. While Kaiser said that rocky winter weather isn’t ideal for rehabilitation, he is confident that Passages will eventually reach the East Coast. “Whether we’re in New York in the next 12 months or 24 months, I do think we will be there at some point,” Kaiser said. [WSJ]